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The Matinee April 14th


The Matinee April 14th is another extended edition, featuring music that spans from Scotland, England, Canada, the US, and Australia. A few of the names you’ll recognize while a couple of “newcomers” crack The Matinee for the first time.


Actor – “Girls Do” (Leeds, England)

Actor - "Girls Do"Louisa Osborn – better known as Actor – has wowed us on several occasions with her poignant songwriting and gritty yet infectious pop music. We’ve compared her style and talent to Lorde, and her latest single, “Girls Do”, only further validates the claim. With the gritty, ’80s-rock vibe and a message of women’s empowerment, we are going to have start mentioning her alongside the great Pat Benetar. So far, Osborn has shown that she is indeed an award-winning Actor with her ability to transform herself for whatever genre she’s singing. She’s a star in the making.

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FURS – “Natives” (London, England)

FURS - "Natives"We’ve featured London-based quartet FURS previously – and as early as September 2014 – as their take of psychedelic pop is absolutely dreamy. So when they announced they will be releasing their debut full-length, needlessly to say we were excited. The lead single from their forthcoming recordis “Natives”, which is a great introduction to this band if this is the first you’ve heard of them. They have a knack for creating catchy hooks while front woman Elle’s dreamy vocals will just enchant you. With this single and an infectious sound, Furs have the chance to be this year’s breakout band like fellow UK psych-pop band Coves were two years.

FURS’ debut album, Just Kids, which is named after the first hit single, is due out May 13th via The House Band Co. FURS are Elle, Liam, Olly, and Amina.

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Georgia Reed – “Waiting For You To Run” (Perth, Australia)

GEORGIA REED - "Waiting For You To Run"With a voice similar to The Jezebels’ Hayley Mary, it won’t be long before Georgia Reed is noticed as one of Australia’s most powerful vocalists. Her new single, “Waiting For You To Run” is emotive and stunning, resonating the alt-rock style of the great Aussie band. If you’re not familiar with The Jezebels, then think of a modern-day Stevie Nicks or a younger, No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani. Whether Reed reaches the same heights remains to be seen, but his young singer-songwriter has the potential to be Australia’s next great export.

This single can be picked up at The A&R Department.

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PAWS – “No Grace” (Glasgow, Scotland)

PAWS - "No Grace"

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about PAWS, two years to be precise when we had a segment called Mundo Musique. The Glasgow garage-rock / post-punk band, though, are finally back as they get set to release a new album. The second single from No Grace is the album’s title track. Like their trademark mind-benders, “No Grace” features pulverizing drums, catchy guitar hooks, and one awesome bass line that would make Douglas Colvin – a.k.a. Dee Dee Ramone – extremely proud.

No Grace will be released on June 17th via Fat Cat Records. PAWS will be heading out on an extensive European tour, commencing at the end of the month. Find dates here.

PAWS are Phillip Taylor, Josh Swinney, and Ryan Drever.

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Pearl Charles – “Phases” (Los Angeles, USA)

Pearl Charles - "Phases"

The only way to describe Pearl Charles is that she’s a throwback, and that in every possible way is meant to be a compliment. Her self-titled, debut album was a stunning display of folk-rock that would have been perfectly placed in the houses that lined the neighborhood of Laurel Canyon in the ’70s. Her latest single, “Phases”, is another masterful tune that echoes one of music’s most influential eras. With her lush vocals and contemplative songwriting style, “Phases” is another intimate stunner that will have more people comparing her to the great Joni Mitchell. It’s only a matter of time.

“Phases” will be released on Friday as a Record Store Day via Super Fan 99 Records.

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Snakes – “Young American” (Baltimore, USA)

Snakes - "Young American"One of the few newcomers to make the cut this week is the debut single by Baltimore band Snakes. There is only one way to describe this tune – awesome. It’s not your typical, alt-country tune a la Wilco or Son Volt. Instead, “Young American” follows the haunting and cinematic approach that is occupying the genre. Think Phosphorescent creating a song for a Cohen Brothers’ country-western movie, and that is what you have with this spectacular song. If John Wayne was still alive and was 25 years old, this would be his anthem.

Snakes’ cinematic self-titled, debut album will be released on May 6th via Fleeting Youth Records.

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Weaves – “Candy” (Toronto, Canada)

Weaves - "Candy"

Last month, we heard “One More”, the lead single from Weaves‘ forthcoming, debut album. They’re back with single #2, the titillating “Candy”. It’s not by any means a song that is sweet and easy to digest. On the contrary, this art-rock tune is edgy and sung with an attitude that will make you shrivel in the nearest corner. The song is spectacular, blending together the creativity of St. Vincent and the no-nonsense approach of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in their early post-punk rock days.

“Candy” is from self-titled debut LP out June 17th via Kanine Records (USA), Buzz Records (CAN) & Memphis Industries (everywhere else).

Weaves are Jasmyn Burke, Morgan Waters, Spencer Cole, and Zach Bines.

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