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The Matinee April 15th


The Matinee April 15th includes 6 new tracks to get your weekend started right. We have a mix of singer-songwriter, indie pop, electro pop, indie rock and straight up rock. We hope you find your new favorite band and check back tomorrow for more on our Saturday Sampler. It wasn’t on purpose to where most of these bands today come from the UK.

Delamere – “Kill It” (Staffordshire/Manchester)

Delamere - "Kill It"

We first shared Delamere last fall and let everyone know they are creating harmoniously perfected indie-pop rock. That statement still stands with their newest single, “Kill It”.

Their new track starts a bit slow but then builds into glorious indie-pop/rock goodness. The track also confirms their lyrical talent as well with the song speaking of just killing a certain relationship or someone completely starting over brand new.

Delamere is comprised of James Fitchford (Guitar/Vocals), Ash Egerton (Guitar/Vocals), Rich Dawson (Bass) and Will Mason (Drums)

Out now via Scruff of the Neck Records.

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Etches – “Love Is” (Liverpool, England)

Etches - "Love Is"

Etches have recently released their newest track, “Love Is”.  Immediately accessible, and yet never predictable, the Merseyside outfit’s latest effort reveals a band at the top of their creative game, crafting emotionally captivating music that speaks directly to the listener.

With unique vocals (David Bowie-ish), Etches provide a laid back vibe and feel which includes a mix of rock with a psychedelic slant.

“Love Is” is out now via Playing With Sound. We are sure to hear more from this emerging indie rock quintet.

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Feral Love – “Like The Wind” (Liverpool, England)

Feral Love - "Like The Wind"

Feral Love formed when Adele Emmas and Christian Sandford emerged from the ashes of BIRD, a band that was on the cusp of success. Emmas and Sanford spent a year in a damp, windowless basement studio writing, emerging only when they knew they’d arrived at the sound they’d been striving for.

The result with Feral Love’s debut single “Like The Wind” is impressive. The track reels us in with Adele’s whimsical vocals and Sandford’s production talent, we have the perfect electro pop track where we want to hit repeat.

‘Like the Wind’ is Feral Love’s debut single and is released on Edge Hill University’s The Label Recordings.

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The Hunna – “You & Me” (London, England)

The Hunna - "You & Me"

The Hunna are actually the first UK band to be signed to 300 Entertainment’s label. After hearing their infectious indie pop, it’s no wonder they grabbed the attention of Lyor Cohen.

“You & Me” is a must for any feel good shimmery/summer playlist. The track instantly uplifts your mood and is actually an anthem for all the Hunna believers and a message to the haters. They also have a really cool video for the track you can check out here.

The Hunna is comprised of Ryan (Vocals/Guitar), Dan (Lead Guitar), Jermaine (Bass) and Jack (Drums). We have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more about this talented and emerging band.

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Hurricane#1 – “I Wanna Kill You” (Oxford, England)


Hurricane#1 are back after breaking up in the late 90s. Front man Alex Lowe has triumphantly beaten cancer and is excited about the reboot. The band line up is now comprised of Alex Lowe, brothers Carlo and Lucas Mariani on guitar and bass and drummer Chris Campbell.

Previous work from Hurricane #1 had a bit more of a 60s influence but what we have today with “I Wanna Kill You” is a dose of straight up rock that will keep your blood pumping.

With the new line up on Hurricane#1, we have a feeling with Melodic Rainbows we will not be disappointed with the newest album release.

“I Wanna Kill You” is from the forthcoming album titled Melodic Rainbows which will be released via Bourbon Sleeze.

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Mike Benecke – “Call the Waves” (Los Angeles, USA)

Mike Benecke - "Call the Waves"

Sometimes a submission is received and after listening, it remains with you long after you have audibly consumed it. Mike Benecke’s songs did just that. Today we are sharing the title track, “Call The Waves”. You can listen to some of the tracks from Call The Waves here.

Benecke’s songwriting and vocals feel so transparent, exposed and real. The tracks are plain and clear indie folk, yet the quality of captivating the listener through vocals and lyrics is there.

There are many singer songwriters out there that are talented with vocals and guitar skills yet the ones that impact others and build a loyal following are those that can convey that emotion through their songs. Benecke does just that and stumbling upon the talent of self-produced artists reminds why we are here and why we share and write at the Revue. If you would like to support Mr. Benecke’s music, you can grab Call The Waves here.

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