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The Matinee April 19th


Seven new singles occupy The Matinee April 19th edition. The usual countries are represented (England and the United States) – while three others make a rare appearance (Germany, Northern Ireland, and Singapore), but where the artists are from is irrelevant when it comes to just making awesome new music.


The Isabelles – “Permanent Rewind” (Faimouth, England)

The Isabelles - "Permanent Rewind"

Back in January, The Isabelles fired us up with their Eagulls-style of post-punk rock. This past weekend as part of International Record Store Day, they released another great single, “Permanent Rewind”. This time, however, they head more in a melodic direction with their punk-rock re-interpretation. Wailing with a blistering and catchy guitar riff, delirious vocals, and a story that all teenage boys would relate to, this is one awesome track.

More from The Isabelles is coming later this year when they release their debut album via Easy Action Records.

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Knightingale – “Demons” (Singapore)

Knightingale - "Demons"

There’s a first for everything, and Knightingale are the first band we’ve featured from the city-state of Singapore. This band, though, isn’t what you would expect. In other words, don’t expect overproduced K-pop or cheesy love songs. Instead, this trio is a blazing garage-rock band. They’ve released a pretty cool EP and from it is the searing “Demons”. While these twentysomethings may not have been exposed to the same rock culture like artists in Europe, North America, and Australia do, Knightingale sure know how to create an awesome hook and a mind-blowing song.

If you like what you hear, then take a listen to their aptly titled EP, Music, on SoundCloud. Knightingale are Ashwin Rao (guitar/vocals), Faiz Lattif (guitar/vocals), and Deon Chan (drums).

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Lake Ruth – “Through The Lychgates” (New York City, USA)

Lake Ruth - "Through The Lychgates"

Another band who caught our attention two months ago was Lake Ruth, a collaborative project involving  frontwoman Allison Brice (The Eighteenth Day Of May), instrumentalist Hewson Chen (The New Lines), and drummer Matt Schulz (Holy Fuck, SAVAK, Enon). As fans patiently await the arrival of their debut album, the band has released another stunning single with “Through The Lychgates”. The song has the romantic beauty of Laurel Canyon-era folk-pop and the soothing grace of Mazzy Starr. You’ll either recall falling in love with your partner all over again or you’ll just fall head over heels for this new band.

If you’re in the New York area, catch the band make their debut live appearance at NYC Popfest.

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Little Lapin – “Californian Sun” (Bristol, England)

LIttle Lapin - "Californian Sun"Little Lapin, the project of Lucy Hill, is a name you might have heard. We’ve showcased some of her music over the past year, including her excellent album, Remember the Highs, which was a collection of indie-folk and alt-country songs that were introspective in nature. She returns with a splendid new single, “Californian Sun”, which, as the song’s title would indicate, is a warm and breezy affair that melds together alt-country with West Coast surf-pop. This is a song that could have been written for a collaboration between Lucinda Williams, the late Patsy Cline, and Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino.

Hill is planning another new album later this year, and it promises to be another memorable effort.

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Noy – “Owning the Night” (New York City, USA via Israel)

Noy - "Owning the Night"Among the wave of gifted singer-songwriters who have embraced both the classic leaning of acoustic folk and the modern movement towards electronic and ambient-layered folk-pop is Noy Markel – or simply just Noy. Born in Israel and now residing in New York City, this young talent has released her debut single, “Owning the Night”. Markel’s vocals, songwriting, and musical approach resembles the arrival of another young singer-songwriter some four years ago – Lorde – and another current artist making waves – Actor. If she continues to write intimate songs that make our hearts swell while having us yearn for the freedom of youth, then there’s not question she’ll be a star soon than later.

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Pleasure Beach – “Magic Mountain” (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Pleasure Beach - "Magic Mountain"

It’s been nearly six months since we’ve heard from Northern Ireland quintet Pleasure Beach. Their initial tracks had us comparing their music with everyone from the likes of Arcade Fire on their debut single “Go” to ’80s, power synth-pop on “Dreamers To The Dawn”. Their latest single sees the band once again tackle the ’80s but the approach is a little different. On “Magic Mountain”, they reinterpret the rock music of the era a la The War on Drugs. This track, however, is even more majestic and dreamier than anything WoD has put out thanks to some terrific, shoegaze-y guitars and stunning harmonies. This song is a majestic beauty and an early contender for song of the year.

With so many great singles, the question is now – when is the full-length coming out? Pleasure Beach are Lisa, Kat, Cheylene, Alan, and Richard.

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Still Parade – “Chamber” (Berlin, Germany)

Still Parade - "Chamber"Quietly, Niklas Kramer is winning people over (including us) with his intimate and clever alt-pop. As he readies his debut album, Kramer – a.k.a. Still Parade – has released a few singles. The latest and arguably the most stunning is “Chamber”. The song melds together the immaculate beauty of Unknown Mortall Orchestra, the soothing melodies of Toro y Moi, and the sublime harmonies of Astronauts, etc. The song might be founded in electronic and analogue synthesizers, but Kramer displays on this track that electro-pop can be beautiful, engaging, and captivating.

Still Parade’s debut album, Concrete Vision, drops June 3rd

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