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The Matinee April 20th


The Matinee April 20th includes a nice mix of tracks including from the singer-songwriter fare, indie pop, indie rock, ambient folk and even a little synth/electro pop. We have the USA, Canada, The UK and Norway represented today. We hope you find your new favorite song or band.


case/lang/veirs – “Honey and Smoke” (USA and Canada)

case_lang_veirs - "Atomic Number"

We shared the first single from this supergroup’s upcoming album comprised of Neko Case, k.d. lang and Laura Veirs.

“Honey and Smoke” is quite mesmerizing with amazing vocals of course and the simplistic yet intricate harmonies throughout. We were very impressed with “Atomic Number”,  but “Honey and Smoke” just captivates us with a 60s throw back vibe dripping with honey and shrouded in smoke. The song name is actually a perfect description for the song and is a beautiful love song. We can’t wait to hear the album in it’s entirety.

case/lang/veirs’ self-titled album drops June 17th via ANTI- Records. They’re heading on tour soon. See dates here.

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Fairchild – “Neighbourhoods” (Manchester, England via Gold Coast, Australia)

FAIRCHILD - "Neighbourhoods"You could probably say we’re fans of Fairchild, the Australian sextet who moved to Manchester, England to further their exposure.

We’ve featured them several times, including Adam and Nathan Lyons’ side project Lyon Apprentice. Now back with their original bandmates – Tim Voeten (guitar), Patrick Huerto (guitar),Tommy Davies (bass), and James Alexander (drums) – Fairchild have released a new single, “Neighbourhoods”.

“Neighborhoods” has a definite 80s throwback vibe as most of their tracks do, but this one instantly grabs your attention and stays with you well after first listen. The groovy bassline adds a hint of funk/disco. The lyrical content of this track is pretty straightforward with Adam Lyons sharing a bit about the track:

“Neighbourhoods is a song about a stripper, but really it’s a story about lusting after something you shouldn’t. The narrative follows a character – maybe it’s me – in his pursuit of this woman. There’s no mistaking these lyrics, there’s nothing poetic happening here as such. The song is a warning: be careful what you fall for.”

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Girl Friend – “Tragic On The Dancefloor” (Manchester, England)

Girl Friend - "Tragic On The Dancefloor"

Another Manchester band that we’ve followed is Girl Friend, whose pop music consistently makes us feel nostalgic and young again.

“Tragic on the Dancefloor” is their newest track which provides an upbeat 80s vibe with a bit heavier synth than some of their previous efforts. The sax is a nice addition in the track and lyrically it reminds us to loosen up and go dance with somebody.

Girl Friend are siblings Amory (vocals) and Eleanor (vocals) plus Sam (drums) and Jake (keys, guitar). We hope that Girl Friend will be releasing another EP soon, especially since they have some released some pretty stellar singles as of late.

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Kid Joki x CLMD – “Wait for Love” (Oslo, Norway/Los Angeles)


Kid Joki is Joakim Haukaas, a Norwegian producer who has produced some big name artists already, and is only in his 20s. He is ready to go out on his own and “Wait For Love” is his first track featuring CLMD who is Norwegian born, but currently based in LA.

“Wait for Love” is your daily dose of uplifting electro pop. As CLMD sings about “Waiting for Love” along with a harmonious chorus and addicting synth, you can’t help but want to move.
Kid Joki has a lot of exciting collaborations and singles up his sleeve. His musical character is defined by the way he combines organic instruments with analogue synths in a playful manner. Keep a look out for more from Kid Joki.

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Torches – “Future” (Los Angeles, USA)

Torches - "Future"

LA Based Torches have released “Future” and it’s an awesome dose of indie rock with a bit of a darker pop side to it.

“Future” is a great track that speaks to not worrying about the future and just focusing on right now because in reality, right now is all that is guaranteed. Life will always change and sometimes disappoint you, but worrying about the future is a wasted effort.  Torches are great at mixing the perfect amount of pop in with a darker indie rock vibe which has a nostalgic feel (think Tears for Fears or even The Cure) yet is totally progressive and perfect for today.

The duo is comprised of childhood friends Azad Cheikosman (vocals, guitar, synth, production) and Eric Fabbro (drums, vocals).

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Wolf Prize – “Baby Blue” (Los Angeles, USA)

Wolf Prize - "Baby Blue"

After hearing “Baby Blue” we knew we immediately needed to share the track. “Baby Blue” is a beautiful and ethereal song that fully encompasses the listener and doesn’t let go.

Wolf Prize are combining the perfect mix of emotional, ambient folk that you cannot ignore.

Tori Roggeman’s vocals are similar to Romy Madley Croft’s from The xx  yet possibly with an even better range. We do hope to hear more from Wolf Prize this year. “Baby Blue” might be their best song yet. The trio definitely needs more recognition (we would definitely consider them a hidden gem).

Wolf Prize are Tori Roggeman (vocals/guitar/drums), Marisa DeMeglio (guitar), and Amber Elliot (bass/synth).

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