Rvby My Dear

Do you remember your first kiss? Do remember the feelings and the seconds leading up to it? Your eyes lock on to his and not a word needs to be spoken. Your heart is rapidly beating, and you’re trying to control your breathing all the while your hands are shaking. You close your eyes and just as contact is to be made, your heart stops momentarily, you stop breathing, your shaking ceases, and that unforgettable moment of bliss happens. It’s a feeling you’ve never felt before and something you’ll always cherish. Love’s first kiss, the time where our innocence disappears and an overpowering emotion swells up inside us that it governs are every movement and action.

As quickly love strikes, it can disappear in an instance. Those same feelings and events – silence, being lost and confused, a racing heart, shaking hands, a swell of uncontrollable emotions – accompany the moment when a love affair ends. But unlike a first kiss which can happen instantaneously, the signs are apparent but often denial reigns. No matter how long we’ve known, there is still immense pain and disappointment.

These feelings of bliss and pain are echoed in “Hidden Threads”, the new single by trans-Pacific collective RVBY MY DEAR. This alt-pop tune is majestic and brilliant, as the band seamlessly weaves together these polarizing emotions. While the tickling of the keys and the strums of the electric guitar and bass create a lush sound that makes us recall the breathtaking experience of a first kiss, the first words spoken by frontwoman Gabbi Coenen are, “You came in through the window screaming, the reasons why you now were leaving”. Undoubtedly, this is not a song about love but of heartbreak.

“Hidden Threads” is a clever juxtaposition of sound and story, mirroring many relationships where an affair and unhappiness can easily be covered by displays of affection. It is only when the secrets – the hidden threads – are revealed when the fairy tale ends and the walls around us feel like they are closing in. But with truth comes clarity, as Coenen whispers at the end, “Unravel before me, let me see all the layers, all the hidden threads”.

Experience this beautiful song, which you can hear below in this premiere. The song’s poignancy is akin to the emotive power of Daughter but musically RVBY MY DEAR has no equal.

RVBY MY DEAR are Gabbi Coenen (vocals), Darren Denman (keys/piano), Oscar Rodriguez (guitar), Jono Stewart, (bass), Abel Tabares (drums), and Prawit Siriwat (guitar).

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