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We have already been enchanted by Auna Sims, who released her debut track “Right Place” last fall. We were impressed by her honest songwriting and her unique and lovely vocals.

Auna Sims is back with her newest track “Dance The Extra Mile”, and we are honored to share the premiere with you.

With her newest release, we hear a bit heavier piano/keys and a larger pop composition which suits Ms. Sims very well. The track is a great way to highlight her strong and unique vocals. “Dance The Extra Mile” is another positive, heartfelt and uplifting song that proclaims Auna Sims is going to overcome. She will choose to gracefully navigate through life, by dancing and she will not quit. Her lyrical storytelling is authentic and endearing. It’s a bit infectious to where by the end of listening, it changes your mood. It adds a bit of hope and positive vibes to your day.

Ms. Sims already has a story of overcoming. She had to suffer through adversity from an unknown source to make her work. She is a native of Atlanta and grew up in a home infused with music, the oldest of ten musically gifted children. She herself was a prodigiously talented child and studied classical music and piano throughout her youth. As she embarked on her formal secondary education in music an idiopathic hand and arm injury made playing piano impossible for her, just days before she was to audition for the head of the Atlanta Symphony. Auna was devastated.

As Auna continued her journey, music consumed her. Ms Sims’ tastes broadened, and she began to consume a wide ranging array of pop music. Shortly thereafter, she began to play the piano one-handed and write songs with pop structures. She developed her voice and what she could do with performance, limited though she may be. The music she kept to herself as she compiled composition upon composition.

We are thankful that she has chosen to share her songs and share her musical journey with us.

Ms. Sims has shared a bit about what “Dance The Extra Mile” means to her: “I spent much of my life doubting my own brain and heart; tip-toeing across glass, hoping not to injure others or myself – apologizing for my own person. This song is about dancing the extra mile – not running or charging – dancing. Usually the extra mile is over jagged, rocky terrain.  A few loose rocks and pebbles may nick others while I dance, but I realize that I am nicked by others as well.  This song is about unapologetic joy in perseverance.  I’d rather dance that mile with someone else, but I am not afraid to blaze a trail.  That mile is calling, and it must be danced, sung, written, found, lost, explored, reached, and ultimately released in order to become the courage and comfort I crave for myself and wish to share.”

Not only is Auna Sims a talented vocalist, pianist and songwriter, she is sharing her life experiences through music. She is a testament that proves life is going to disappoint us. There will be obstacles, heartache and pain. Ms Sims could have given up music altogether. She could have walked away from her calling, but her story reminds us that we all have a choice of how to proceed after life lets us down. We can give up and bow out, or we can carry on and prove that to persevere is a sign of strength and that we all have a choice of which way to go in life. Her story gives us hope that no matter how bad something may be, we have the power to choose how to react and how to move forward.

With a lot of negativity in the world, it is great to hear stories that inspire us to be better. Ms Sims’ positive messages of overcoming and accepting what life has given you gives others hope. Auna Sims proves that sometimes it is worth going through the hard things to get to the other side. Maybe, just maybe Ms Sims struggles early on happened so that in turn she can impact others who may be going through a similar situation. We look forward to hearing more from Ms Sims and we are glad she chose to share her music and talent with the world.

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