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The Matinee April 22nd


The Matinee April 22nd includes six awesome tracks today, all inadvertently from overseas. If you are looking for some stellar indie  pop-rock and a little bit of singer-songwriter look no further. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for more cool new music on our Saturday Sampler. Have a safe and happy weekend.

The Boxer Rebellion – “Weapon” (London, England)

The Boxer Rebellion - "Weapon"

The Boxer Rebellion are back. They have slowly been releasing tracks from their upcoming album after the release of 2013’s stellar Promises.

“Weapon” is a great indie pop track which frames Nathan Nicholson’s lovely vocals against a dreamy chorus with laid back guitar riffs and perfectly placed synth. Based on their other tracks, “Big Ideas” and “Keep Me Close”, we are in for a solid showing of indie pop-rock with their latest release.

“Weapon” is the newest track from their forthcoming new album, Ocean by Ocean, which comes out next week, April 29th.

The Boxer Rebellion are Nathan Nicholson, Adam Harrison, Piers Hewitt, and Andrew Smith.

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The Broadcasts – “This Is Life” (Llantrisant, Wales)

The Broadcasts - "This Is Life"

The Broadcasts are a four piece Alt Rock/Acoustic band who are based just outside of Cardiff, South Wales.

“This Is Life” is a gritty rocker that you could possibly incite a bit of head banging, or at the very least, head swaying. The chorus of “That’s Ok, I’m Alright, This is Life” is super addicting and the guitar shredding throughout makes this track a perfect indie rocker.

The Broadcasts are James Davies, Ashley Evans, Jack Isaac, and Jack Langmead.

Their self titled album is released digitally on June 3rd and will be available on CD from June 17th.

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Rebecca Clements – “Bad TV” (Southwest of England)

Rebecca Clements - "Bad TV"Almost a year to the day Rebecca Clements blew our minds with her single “Pure Wasted”. She’s returned with “Bad TV”.

“Bad TV” might be the new perfect break up song. Breaking up with someone you truly felt you were meant to be with is never easy. Clements’ awesome vocals and transparent songwriting bring us all back to that point where you don’t want to believe an important relationship is truly over, or have to remember that person is no longer next to you while you are watching that bad tv.

We still believe Rebecca Clements has all the right elements in place to break through in the category of talented singer/songwriters. Clements has those perfect vocals and lyrics to reel the listener in so that they become career long fans.

Clements’ Bad TV EP will be released June 17. We are excited to hear new music from Rebecca Clements.

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Slow Turismo – “Falter” (Canberra, Australia)

Slow Turismo - "Falter"

Slow Turismo are from Australia and they are creating some memorable and awesome indie pop-rock. “Falter” is one of their newest tracks and we are excited to share it.  They also have a really cool animated video for the song that was just released as well.

“Falter” is a stellar indie rock track. Vocals remind a bit of Thomas Mars and it keeps us longing to hear more. The track feels upbeat and dreamy but there is still  an underlying darkness to it as well.

We are really looking forward to new music from Slow Turismo after they released their self titled EP last year.

Slow Turismo are Sam Conway, Max Conway, Riley Conway, Louis Montgomery, and Rhys Lintern.

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Violet Days – “Your Girl” (Stockholm, Sweden)

Violet Days - "Your Girl"

Violet Days is built around Stockholm based, Sweden native singer/songwriter Lina Hansson. The name is a moniker and inspired from Lina’s grandmother’s name.

“Your Girl” is a straight up girl power pop ballad about knowing you are worth more than that current relationship perceives that you are. We have all probably been in a mediocre or less than relationship. Hansson’s strong vocals are set against an addicting chorus and mesmerizing beats.

Lina shares in her own words about the track: “I guess this song is my way of saying that sometimes you need to feel like you´re more than just enough for someone. That you want to feel special and deserve not to be taken for granted. It´s like being kept in an emotional limbo where you don´t know what anyone feels anymore, cause there´s no interaction, and that sucks.”

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Why We Run – “Where I’ll Be Waiting” (Sydney, Australia)

Why We Run - "Where I'll Be Waiting"Another band we’ve featured a few times over the past 14 months is Australian quartet Why We Run. To say we’re fans (particularly myself) would be an understatement, as they keep releasing awesome track after awesome track.

“Where I’ll Be Waiting” is a dreamy laid back track that also leaves us with a positive and hopeful message as the chorus declares “Where I’ll be waiting for a miracle, I never wanna let you go.” It’s a great song about a love that is possibly unrequited.

“Where I’ll Be Waiting” is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Holograms, which should come out sometime this year.

Why We Run are Nic Cogels, Nick Langley, Ed Prescott and Lloyd Prescott.

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