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Philip Sayce returns to The Rainbow (photo essay)


I remember the moment I discovered Philip Sayce clearly. I was at the Ottawa Bluesfest and didn’t recognize any of the artists on stage. It was dinner time, so I decided to get something to eat. While waiting in line to order, I heard some of the most incredible guitar playing I have ever heard coming from across the field. I was drawn to the stage to see who was responsible. I spent the next hour simply in awe of Philip Sayce and his incredible talents with the guitar.

Philip Sayce seems to be coming to Ottawa more frequently lately, and we are better for it! This past weekend, he played two shows at The Rainbow. The performance on Friday night was a thrilling spectacle of guitar mastery and the entire audience was completely intoxicated by Sayce’s electrifying performance.

Philip Sayce’ most recent album is titled Influence, and it is a tribute to the music that shaped him. It’s a combination of cover songs and original material that blend together seamlessly. Although Sayce still remains an under-the-radar talent, it won’t be long before more people begin to recognize this hidden gem of a guitar god.

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  1. He is mindblowing, got his autograph first time I heard him by accident at a local jam night in `99.

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