Strange HeightsThere aren’t many bands whose names mirror their music. Sonic Youth and Lush come immediately to mind. We can now add Strange Heights.

It’s not that the Chicago sextet’s music is strange in the bizarre sense. It’s not creepy or eerie. While Strange Heights don’t write music that would be considered formulaic, it is not really experimental. Their music, however, is different, and it is exemplified on their new single, “Dive Into Fire”, which we are pleased to present today.

The song showcases the multi-instrumental and multi-genre approach of Strange Heights. It’s one part rock opera and another part symphonic pop. The arrangements, though, are unconventional, shifting between pop, classical, and rock, never leaving the listener quite comfortable. Yet, like listening to an orchestra masterfully translate a classic piece of music, Strange Heights are able to sweep us away. When it’s all over, you’re left more interested in what you have heard, anxiously anticipating the next act in the play.

That play comes out on May 15th, when Strange Heights share their self-titled, debut EP.

Strange Heights are: Franco Aguilar (guitar/vocals), Griffin Kenna (bass/vocals), Matthew Gordon (guitar/vocals), AJ Ziyad (drums), Nic Ten Grotenhuis (keys/vocals), and Van Isaacson (violin/synth).

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