Ghost King

Last month, we were introduced to Bronx, New York foursome Ghost King, who had just released their debut album, Bones. The lead single was “Bones 1 & 2”, a ’60s psychedelic-tinged, folk-rock anthem that simply was awesome.

On the same album is the terrific “Leech”. This surprisingly melodic number recalls the psychedelic, surf-rock of the ’70s and ’80s. The crystalline guitar gives the song a dose of dreaminess while Carter McNeil’s vocals are whispery, which is perfect to give the feeling that one’s mind is enshrouded in fog.

While the song may be a bit of a trip, the video for the song is wackier. Directed and edited by the band’s good friend Nick D’Agustino, the video was filmed at a pond behind the elementary school where Carter, drummer Tom D’Augistino, and guitarist/synth player Andrew Wolfson went to school. The video shows how even the most ordinary person has a breaking point and the consequences that follow. The video is one part Scream and another part Shaun of the Dead, which all equates to one amusing two minutes and thirty-nine seconds.

Watch the video below in this exclusive premiere. Some background information on the band comes after the video. Bones is available now via Fleeting Youth Records.

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Background on Ghost King

Ghost King is a Bronx-based foursome that have been banging out rock and roll in the basement since they were eight years old. The band was formed after Carter McNeil (vocals/guitar) finished touring/playing drums with Spires. Inspired by his experiences on the road, McNeil decided to form his own band and reconnected with long-time childhood friends Tom D’Augustino (drums), Lee Hayden (bass), and Andrew Wolfson (guitar/synth; post-album) to help shape his vision.

Their debut album, BONES, was recorded live in 3 days and finds McNeil and company blending Spires-esque pop psychedelia with gravelly grunge vocals and garage rock swells.

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