Phosphene has been a band we’ve dug since we first heard “Metric” from their self-titled debut two years ago.  Since then, Phosphene has been cooking up something special with their latest EP, Breaker, which is out this Friday, April 29. The California band plays a really great blend of indie rock, post-rock, and shoegaze. Lead singer and guitarist Rachel Frankel’s voice is dreamy, the bass work from Kevin Kaw is slick, and Matt Hemmerich’s drumming drives the whole thing.

Breaker’s six tracks pack one heck of a punch for such a short record. Right out of the gate, Phosphene lulls the listener in with just some guitar and vocals at the start of “Be Mine” before it builds and concludes with a freakin’ kickass guitar solo. “Silver” is a really gorgeous track, and Frankel’s voice is understated here, weaving within harmonies and other instruments. “Hear Me Out”, however, features Frankel’s voice floating above it all, including a killer bass line from Kaw.

“Rogue” starts out with a rumbling drumbeat from Hemmerich and showcases the voices of Hemmerich and Kaw up front while Frankel joins in later. “Ride” is so reminiscent of the first Interpol record and that record ruled so hard. The song starts out with a guitar part that is almost hypnotic, mixed with the underlying drums and dreamy vocals it’s a real killer track. The EP comes to a close with “Wild Decay”, which is the record’s most upbeat track and is surprisingly danceable.

On Breaker, Phosphene bring us six great tracks that leave us wanting more. The guitar work is phenomenal, the bass is killer, and the vocals are stunning all throughout the EP. Breaker hits so many musical sweet spots, and it’s sure to captivate listeners right from the start.

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