Field Medic - not a normal boyJoshua Tillman – a.k.a. Father John Misty – could be credited for reinventing indie folk music with his playful, witty, and sometimes outlandish lyrics. His “oddball folk” opened up doors for a number of new singer-songwriters, like San Francisco resident Kevin Patrick.

Under his pseudonym Field Medic, Patrick is creating atypical folk. It’s not music that is heartwrenching or will have you remembering heart-breaking moments like many folk songs currently do. Instead, with his FJM-esque, oddball-folk style, his songs are lighthearted yet thoughtful, and they simultaneously mix both the serious and the humorous. As such, you might be left contemplating a major, life-changing event in your life yet find yourself smiling at what happens. The video of his latest single, “not a normal boy”,  evidences the intimacy of his music and the duality of his approach, and we are extremely pleased to share this video today.

“not a normal boy” is a song that tackles a number of issues – the loneliness that so many people encounter as they discover their identity or deal with mental illness, the celebration of the imagination and the inner spirit, and the release of the inner child in all of us. The video perfectly also displays the creative and whimsical side of Patrick. Filmed in VHS style, the video has a very Mac DeMarco quality – unpretentious yet entertaining, the video shows Patrick in a number of different states and outfits to reflect that he, too, is not a normal boy. But the most important message to take from the song is that no matter how different or unique we may be, we all can find love and friendship. And if everyone was ordinary and everything was “normal”, the world would be an extremely boring place. Thank goodness there are artists like Kevin Patrick to remind us that the best things about humanity are the diversity of peoples and the personalities who brighten each day.

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