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The Matinee May 4th


The Matinee May 4th is a nice eclectic mid-week playlist to get your juices flowing. We have a bit of psych-folk rock, electro-pop..awesome singer-songwriters, a hint of synth pop and r&b/soul. We hope you find your new favorite band. We have the US, the UK and Australia represented today.

May the Fourth be with you!

The Dan Ryan – “Tidewater Rain Love” (Austin, USA)

The Dan Ryan - "Tidewater Rain Love"

The Dan Ryan is the solo effort of Austin based Nathan Dixey. With his two released tracks so far, his new self titled LP should be the perfect dose of laid back psych inspired folk rock.

“Tidewater Rain Love” has a super cool 60s vibe while adding a few electronic elements to keep it fresh. Dixey’s vocals are strong and sweet and his style is a bit reminiscent of George Harrison. We look forward to hearing more from his upcoming release and will most definitely need to catch a live show sometime.

The debut album The Dan Ryan LP comes out via Cosmic Dreamer Music on May 27th.

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Joy Atlas – “Drop Your Sword” (Newcastle, England)

Joy Atlas - "Drop Your Sword"

“Drop Your Sword” is a beautiful track by UK based Joy Atlas. Ms Owen’s delicate vocals take the forefront set against simple bass lines, blips and beats until the track ends with a gritty experimental flair.

We were impressed when we shared their debut track, “Dismount” last year and they continue to prove to us that their experimental pop sounds set against Owen’s whimsical vocals works and very well.

The lyrical content is smart with lines like “We were opaque, then clear” and “tickle me a fever”. The track is a plea for peace and coming to a place that pushes a relationship forward, not staying stagnant or heading backwards.

Joy Atlas is singer/songwriter Beccy Owen, keyboard/synth player Adam Kent, bassist Ian ‘Dodge’ Paterson, and drummer Ged Robinson.

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Lucy Lowe – “Home” (Sydney, Australia)

Lucy Lowe - "Home"

Lucy Messara who goes by the moniker Lucy Lowe, impressed us about this time last year with her track “Red Car, Cold Heart” and we shared that her indie-folk/alt-country sound recalls the beauty of Hope Sandoval and Tift Merritt.

With her newest release of “Home” we are reminded about how her lovely vocals and stellar songwriting have made us fall in love with this Australian native.

“Home” has the perfect mix of alt country and folk so that her sound can transcend across genres and hook a multitude of music fans. The most poignant and truthful lyric in this song is the at the very beginning “sometimes my thoughts, they overgrow and I just can’t take them on my own”.  What a true statement yet we do have the power to mow those thoughts down and move forward. We hope to hear more from Lucy Lowe in 2016.

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Ofelia K – “Bad Boys” (Los Angeles, USA)

Ofelia K - "Bad Boys"

“Bad Boys” is the second single from Ofelia K off of her forthcoming EP. We were super excited with her debut EP, Plastic Flower and we can’t help from sharing each new track as she continues to impress us.

“Bad Boys” once again mesmerizes us with Ofelia’s airy yet strong vocals set against simple acoustic strings and impressive beats.

“Bad Boys” is for all those ladies out there that had that relationship. You know, the one where you couldn’t stay away even though you knew it was no good for you. I guess this also supports the saying that nice guys always finish last. This might be the most personal lyrically to date for Ofelia K and we appreciate the transparency.

Ofelia K shares a bit about the track: “This is a song about the complexity of toxic relationships and the heartbreak and struggle we endure in silence”

“Bad Boys” is out via South x Sea.

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Pegasus Warning – “Come Close” (Los Angeles, USA)

Pegasus Warning - "Come Close"

Pegasus Warning is the project of Guillermo E. Brown. “Come Close” is a soulful track with experimental elements that frame Brown’s smooth and mellow vocals perfectly. Lyrically, “Come Close” is one of those tracks for someone that is desperately missing their love.

Mr. Brown shares a bit about “Come Close”: “That oh-so-human feeling of missing someone to the brink of collapse like singing in the rain in the desert. A dizzying constellation of hyperwaltz in the sky.”

If you happen to be a late nighter, you can also catch Mr. Brown drumming away on The Late Late Show with James Corden. We look forward to hearing more from Pegasus Warning in 2016.

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VOKES – “Slow Down” (Los Angeles, USA)

VOKES - "Slow Down"

VOKES(Mike Harris) keeps churning out feel good and soul filled synth pop tracks. “Slow Down” is one of those tracks that gets you moving no matter what mood you may be in. It has a disco soul vibe going on and it’s always nice to hear Harris’ soothing vocals.

Mr. Harris shares a bit about “Slow Down”: “For me ‘Slow Down’ represents two stories. The 1st story I originally wrote was about being naive in a relationship, splitting up for the wrong reasons and realizing what a terrible mistake was made. The 2nd story that eventually became the focus of the song is about two strangers that quickly fall for each other while one person feels hesitant to move forward because of being on the receiving end of the 1st story.”

“Slow Down” is the third single from VOKES’ forthcoming, debut EP, Fractalism.

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