The Lighthouse is a quintet from Belgium and they are creating some smooth and exciting indie rock. We shared the lead track “Weather” back in March.

The Lighthouse released their debut EP, Let’s Make A Scene last month. “Weather” is the lead single and is the perfect indie pop/rock song which you could easily hear played on the radio and one you can listen to multiple times and not get tired of it.

The other four tracks prove that the band have the talent to produce diverse and meaningful indie rock and that they have a promising career ahead of them.

“Sunken Circuit” is reminiscent a bit of 90s rock with the timing and tempo. The keys add an extra element to the track and the dual vocals work to their benefit as well.The chorus is also strong and memorable.

“Come To Me” starts with a laid back vibe compared to the other songs on the EP. It includes some nice synth throughout and builds into a harmonious filled track with encouraging lyrics like “Don’t Let  Go…The morning light you see”.

“Never Alone” is a great upbeat love song which encourages the listener to get up and live life along with some addicting claps, which actually works on this track. Clapping in songs either works or it doesn’t. (Hello – Private can’t not clap to that song).

The closer “Down They Go” is heavy on the percussion, keys and is fast paced and upbeat throughout. With awesome drum beats and delicately placed guitar riffs, the dual vocals within the chorus work.

For a debut EP, Let’s Make A Scene is a great first effort for The Lighthouse and proves their talent for composition, lyrical content and addicting harmonies. We look forward to hearing more from this emerging indie rock band.

The Lighthouse is comprised of Willem Schellekens (Keys + Vocals), Bram Knockaert (Guitar + Vocals), Nick Socquet (Guitar), Bastiaan Jonniaux ( Drums), Yannick H’Madoun ( Bass).

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