The Dirty Clergy

Can a band with a classic rock sound find success in today’s sample-dominated music industry? Can a band that actually plays instruments rise to the top of the Billboard and MTV charts, which are occupied by the likes of Beyoncé, Bieber, SIA, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry? Can they do so while staying true to their musical roots? The path before The Dirty Clergy is not an easy one to travel, but this emerging group is certainly going to try without compromising their foundations.

Hailing from Winfield, Alabama, The Dirty Clergy have been creating a mix of old school rock ‘n roll and garage rock since 2009. It was not until 2014, however, when they began to receive some national coverage from MTV, AXS TV, and college radio outlets started playing their single “Shake, Shake”. The song blended vintage ’50s / ’60s rock with ’90s college rock – a melodic rocker with great harmonies and a familiar but terrific guitar riff. Think The Replacements meet The Sheepdogs.

The band is now getting set to release its sophomore album, Rattlesnake, an appropriately named album by a band who is putting the music industry on notice with their un-mainstream, back-to-the-future style. The lead single from the album is “All I Need”. The song is unabashedly retro yet done with contemporary flair, an approach that mirrors what My Morning Jacket did on their latest album The Waterfall. But whereas My Morning Jacket took a more guitar-driven approach, The Dirty Clergy have adopted a style that is harmony and melody focused. “All I Need” resonates with the dreamy and romantic melodies of The Everly Brothers while splashed with the groovy rock vibe of Elvis Presley. Visions of drive-in burger joints, men with their hair slicked back and wearing leather jackets, and women in skirts with bouffant and chignon hairstyles may dance in your head as you spin this terrific track.

While “All I Need” may not be “futuristic” in its vision, it doesn’t need to be. Instead, it’s a reminder that a classic genre can still feel refreshing and inviting – a rarity in today’s music industry.

Rattlesnake officially drops July 1st. “All I Need” is only the top of the iceberg, as the album promises to be a genre-blending one – everything from the blue-collar rock of Bruce Springsteen, early Kings of Leon garage and southern rock, and anthemic rock songs in the mold of The Killers. Pre-order the album on Bandcamp.

The Dirty Clergy are Brian Manasco (guitar/keys), Brad White (vocals), Joshua Pope (guitar), Ky Carter (bass), and Cody Moorehead (drums). Follow them at: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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