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Saturday Sampler for May 7th


The Saturday Sampler for May 7th offers a variety of singles from around the globe, with something for everyone. Let this mix of new tunes from the UK, USA, Sweden, Ireland, and Lebanon keep your ears happy while you wait for tomorrow’s release of the new Radiohead album.


Army of Bones – “Don’t Be Long” (Brighton, UK)

In JanuaryArmy of Bones - "Don't Be Long", Brighton newcomers Army of Bones blew us away with their cathartic debut single, “River”, at which time we asked, “What do they have in store for us next?” They released another great single shortly after that, and just last week they shared their third song, “Don’t Be Long”. Whereas the first two were blistering rockers, “Don’t Be Long” is a quintessential, guitar-driven ’80s song. It blows you away with its cinematic drama and urgency that build throughout the song’s five-plus minutes. Every second is an experience, and by the end you may find yourself gasping for breath. It’s the type of awe-inspiring song that bands like Foals, mid-career Radiohead, and Arcade Fire have crafted. Now after being amazed for a third time, what else do they have in store? The answer could come as soon as next week from these stars in the making.

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Leapling – “Hey Sister” (Brooklyn, USA)

Leapling - "Hey Sister"

Dan Arnes is one talented guy. He’s done audio and post-production work for the Blue Man Group and Nintendo, is a comedic writer, and proclaims on his Twitter account that he played a tree in The Revenant (makes you wonder if director Alejandro González Iñárritu insisted Arnes’ hair be used as branches). Because Arnes isn’t busy enough, he has established a musical project, Leapling, which is named from the day he was born – Leap Day. And like the day that comes every four years, Leapling is a rarity in today’s music. His music is genre-blending, so he cannot be pigeon-holed into any specific category. His latest single, “Hey Sister”, exemplifies his experimentation where he combines Ben Gibbard-esque vocals and a Death Cab for Cutie charm with the experimental indie-rock arrangements of Deerhoof. It’s a catchy tune that will either have you swaying to the summer-pop melody or nodding your head back and forth to the great bass line and crashing cymbals.

“Hey Sister” is from Leapling’s forthcoming sophomore album, Suspended Animation, which will be released on June 10th via Exploding In Sound Records. Pre-order it at Leapling’s Bandcamp page.

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Liyv – “Splintered Arms” (Seattle, USA) 

liyvEmerging dream-pop artist Liyv has one of those ethereal voices that gets inside your head and stays there. If you’re not already familiar with this 19-year-old Seattle singer/songwriter, prepare to be entranced. Liyv is actually a duo (Olivia Paige Holman and Joel Marchand) whose infusion of electronic synth flourishes into their creations makes for some exquisitely charming music. “Splintered Arms” is the third single from their current project which has them releasing one song each month. You can grab your copy of each from Liyv’s Bandcamp page.

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M. Ward – “Time Won’t Wait” (Portland, Oregon USA) 

M. Ward "Time Won't Wait"You might know M. Ward from his collaborations with other artists, including Zooey Deschanel in their She & Him duo, and his Monsters of Folk side project with Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes). Back in March we reviewed the indie folk singer/songwriter’s eighth album, More Rain, before we had gotten to know this new single. “Time Won’t Wait” is a rollicking number that again finds him teaming up with another well-known voice he worked with a decade ago. Indie goddess Neko Case joins him on backing vocals (like she did on his 2006 release, Post-War), and their voices still sound perfect together. The bright warmth of his native Southern California roots is evident on this song, so crank it up to bring some sunshine to your weekend.

More Rain released March 4th on Merge Records. It’s available from the labelAmazon, and iTunes.

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New Pharaohs – “Nothing Without You” (London, UK via Beirut, Lebanon)

New Pharaohs - "Nothing Without You"New Pharoahs, the project of Maya Marie, is an artist we cannot get enough of. Their debut single, “Empire”, was a smoky, breathtaking number while “This Changes Everything” was mysterious and hypnotic. Their brand new single, “Nothing Without You”, sees New Pharaohs change course once again. This spectacular number echoes the power-pop ballads of the ’80s, music that was infectious yet would crush you emotionally, just like what The Cardigans, The Divinyls, Stevie Nicks, Laura Branigan, and Berlin did. Thirty years later, we can add Maya Marie to that list.

To call her a songstress would understate her gifts and the magnetism in her music. As she displays on “Nothing Without You”, Marie’s voice mirrors Chrissy Amphlett. Marie is an enchanting storyteller who is able to take the most mundane or deeply painful moments and craft songs that are brilliant and beautiful, transfixing our attention on every word she sings. She’s a rare talent and a star in the making.

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OTHERKIN – “Yeah, I Know” (Dublin, Ireland)

OTHERKIN – “Yeah, I Know”After releasing the blistering “I Was Born”, the lead single from their forthcoming sophomore EP in March, OTHERKIN return to share the record’s second single. “Yeah, I Know” is another face-melter of a track that merges grunge, garage rock, and pop. There’s a bit of U2, Ramones, and Arctic Monkeys in this track that will have you jumping, dancing, and put you in a euphoric mood. Say it with us, “Eff yeah!”

OTHERKIN’s new EP, The New Vice, arrives May 27th via Rubyworks. The band is comprised of David Anthony, Luke Reilly, Rob Summons, and Conor Andrew Wynne, and they are set to be Ireland’s next great rock exports.

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Page Brothers – “Won’t Fall In Love” (New York City, USA)

Page Brothers - "Won't Fall In Love"A little surprise awaited us when twin brothers Lucius and Bryant Page shared their latest single, “Won’t Fall In Love”. This single is a great introduction to the Page Brothers, a duo who have been quietly creating music for years in New York City’s underbelly (and their respective homes). This track echoes the innovative art-rock of New York City masterminds TV on the Radio – a cool yet immersive track that will completely dazzle you with its melodic mix of soul, trip-hop, and indie rock. Even the vocals are akin to Tunde Adebimpe, and you might even be mistaken to think it was indeed the TVOR frontman doing the singing duties.

“Won’t Fall In Love” is the lead single from the Page Brothers’ upcoming debut EP, Dichotomy, which will be released in the coming weeks if not days.

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Postiljonen – “L.I.E” (Stockholm, Sweden)

Postiljonen - "L.I.E"

Postiljonen is one of those bands where you constantly ask yourself, “Why isn’t this band more popular?” With a solid following in their home country of Sweden, this is a band that people around the world should be flocking to see with their gorgeous synth-pop. Maybe their newest single, “L.I.E.”, which stands for “Lovin’ Isn’t Easy”, will see their popularity increase. “L.I.E.” is a breathtaking song, and it is highlighted by Mia Brox’s sensual vocals which feel like a cool, summer breeze that clears the air and soothes one’s soul. The addition of the saxophone on this track is also brilliant and gives the track a jazzy intimacy that further accentuates the dreaminess of this stunner.

“L.I.E.” is out now via terrific Stockholm boutique label HYBRIS. Postiljonen are Daniel Sjörs, Joel Nyström Holm, and Mia Brox, who are supported by Mattias Kronberg and Jonas Davidsson when performing live.

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Sally Shapiro – “If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind” (Lund, Sweden)

sally shapiroThe previous song from a Swedish band proves we like to feature new singles from emerging artists, but today we’re sharing the final single from a group that has decided to part ways. When the Swedish synth-pop duo Sally Shapiro released this single, they announced it would be their last. This is only the second song they’ve recorded in three years, so their breakup is not a huge shock. Still, the pair (Johan Agebjörn and a shy singer who uses the pseudonym Sally Shapiro to keep from revealing her own name) have had a good run since forming a decade ago. We hope they will continue making their upbeat, disco-infused music, even if it’s as solo artists.

“If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind” seems like a subtle wink to fans – or possibly to each other – as if they’re leaving the door open for a possible return. Until then, this dreamy synth-pop track will sound a little bittersweet despite its upbeat tempo. The single releases May 12th on Fika Recordings. You can pre-order it from the label’s Bandcamp page.

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Thandi – “Cameo” (London, UK)

Thandi - "Cameo"

Exactly six weeks ago we were introduced to singer-songwriter and producer Thandi, when she released her awesome debut single, “Forgetful”. Late Thursday she released her second single, “Cameo”. If “Forgetful” was a delirious delight, “Cameo” is sexy cool. The gifted Thandi has taken the sensuality and intimacy heard on Phantogram’s early work and combined it with Moby-esque production and samples. We don’t share much in the electronic field, but when it sounds as breathtaking as “Cameo” we, too, succumb to its allure. Both songs are on her Soundcloud page.

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