Army of Bones photo by BlaowThere have been a few artists and bands that have arrived this year which have caught our attention. Not just in a passing fancy but who we can honestly say we get excited every time they release a new song and we get antsy when we don’t hear from for a few weeks. Bands who have time and time again have blown us away, further intensifying our fandom that it borders on fanaticism. Army of Bones is one of those select bands.

Back in January, the Brighton-based five-piece released their debut single, “River”, which was a dark, emotional, but brilliant track. They followed “River” with the intense “Batteries” and more recently “Don’t Be Long”, a cinematic and dramatic masterpiece. At the time of the release of this last song, we asked, “What else do they have in store?” The answer came sooner than we had expected, as Army of Bones today have released “Break Away”, which we are immensely pleased and honoured to be premiering.

Like their previous singles, “Break Away” is urgent and cataclysmic, yet the song also represents a slight change in approach. Whereas their previous singles were throbbing numbers in the Editors / Flaunts mode, “Break Away” is a dark, danceable neo-punk sound that just completely takes over your mind and has you moving in unexpected ways. The song shares stylistic similarities as Arctic Monkeys’ AM, yet its entrancing underbelly recalls Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures. “Break Away” is a brilliant tune by a band that continues to produce singles that are mind-blowingly great.

Army of Bones are planning to release their debut album in January 2017, and “Break Away” is expected to be one of the tracks. Army of Bones itself is somewhat of a mystery, but the band is fronted by Martin Smith, who formally sang lead vocals for platinum-selling, Christian-rock band Delirious and had a successful yet brief solo career.

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The above band photo is by London-based photographer Blaow.

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