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A month ago, a young woman from Dronten, Netherlands shared with us a single that blew us away. The singer-songwriter was 21-year old Lisa van Kampen, who performs under the moniker, Great Profile, and the single was “Lemonade”, a highly infectious garage-pop tune that had us recalling a young Liz Phair.

It’s difficult and unfair to anoint something as the next [insert the name of an influential artist] after one song. It takes at least one full-length album – or more even – to start uttering such comparisons. But there are always exceptions, where you just know an artist or band just has “it”. It being those special qualities to be great – smart and clever songwriting, a style that is unpretentious yet engaging, and a sound that is catchy and appeals to all. Lisa van Kampen is one of those artists.

Exhibit A is her moniker – Great Profile, which was the nickname of the late, great character actor John Barrymore (who indeed is Drew Barrymore’s father). “Lemonade” was Exhibit B. Today, we present to you Exhibit C, van Kampen’s second single, “Mustache And Glasses”.

This song is another awesome tune – an infectious, blazing garage-pop tune with a great guitar riff and some edgy, pounding rhythms. The story is also great, which has van Kampen running down a list of things that she likes and dislikes about the person she’s loved for a very long time. It’s a bit humorous in the delivery, but it’s a story with which we can all relate. Young or old, first love or celebrating 50 years of marriage, we all haven’t just experienced it but probably do the exact same thing every once in a while (and for some maybe every day). This type of engaging and relatable storytelling is akin to the stylistic tendencies of Allison Crutchfield of Swearin’ and Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz.

Hear “Mustaches And Glasses” below in this exclusive premiere that we’re excited to present. Judge for yourself whether you think Lisa van Kampen has the chance to be a star. We certainly think she will be.

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