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The Matinee May 11th


The Matinee May 11th includes 6 new tracks for your mid-week listening pleasure. We have a mix of electro pop, indie pop/rock, singer songwriter. We hope you find your new favorite band. Artists represented today are from the US, UK and Norway.


Astrid S – “Hurts So Good” (Oslo, Norway)

Astrid S - "Hurts So Good"

Astrid S is the newest indie pop star in the making from Norway. With massive plays from last year’s addicting track “2AM”, she is back with “Hurts So Good” which is from her forthcoming self titled debut EP.

Astrid S has all the elements needed to break out into the synth/electro pop arena. Even though the talent pool is quite competitive, her soaring vocals are set against driving bass and synthetic breaks and beats. The lyrical content in “Hurts So Good” is also about one of those super complicated relationships to where it’s not easy to just end it even though you probably should.

Astrid S shared a bit about the new track: “I’m very excited to finally release this single from my debut EP. It shows another side of me, I think. It’s more like a ballad, and the range in it is a little different than what I usually sing. I really like the song very much, and I hope you do too!”

Her debut EP, Astrid S will be released May 27th on Island Records.

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Cavalry – “Lucerne” (Liverpool, England)

Cavalry - "Lucerne"

“Lucerne” is the newest track from Merseyside quintet, Cavalry. The band keeps creating stellar indie pop/rock tracks that continue to leave the listener wanting to hear more.

Their newest track starts right off the bat with emotional lyrics proclaiming “Ignite my heart again”. With “Lucerne”, Cavalry produce a great love song with impressive vocals set against atmospheric harmonies akin to The National.

“Lucerne” is available now via Fierce Panda Records and will be available to purchase on iTunes and Spotify. We look forward to hearing more from Cavalry, who have all the right elements for success.

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Darryl Rahn – “White Lies” (Utica, NY, USA)

Darryl Rahn - "White Lies"

“White Lies” is off of the newest release by Darryl Rahn titled waiting for the clouds.

“White Lies” is a stellar track that tells the story of a betrayed relationship. The lyrics start off proclaiming one of those falling too fast scenarios with “Well he fell for her faster than the darkness.”

Rahn’s style is similar to Andy Shauf and reminds of Jeremy Messersmith’s vocals. Darryl Rahn’s folk/americana/acoustic combination is hard not to love. With emotive storytelling and acoustic and soaring harmonies, he is sure to impress even the most casual folk or singer-songwriter fan.

Darryl Rahn recorded waiting for the clouds in his basement. The talented multi-instrumentalist recently released the album via bandcamp.

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The Fontaines – “Cold” (Los Angeles, USA)

The Fontaines - "Cold"Sister-brother duo Charlotte and Hank Fontaine founded The Fontaines and they are back with a new release titled “Cold”.

Their new-wop sound produces catchy and innovative tracks.

“Cold” will force you to toe tap or head bob and becomes instantly addicting after first listen. Charlotte Fontaine’s sweet and dreamy vocals are set against throwback 50s vibes mixed in with a dose of straight up rock.

The talented family duo are set to release their upcoming EP II on June 24th. The Fontaines are comprised of Charlotte Fontaine – Vocalist,Hank Fontaine – Backup Vocalist, Guitarist, Jason DeMayo – Bassist, Vocalist, Scott Zimmerman – Backup Vocalist, Drummer.

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marsicans – “Swimming” (Leeds, England)

marsicans - "Swimming"

If you dig awesome and addicting indie pop-rock tracks, then look no further than the marsicans. The quartet from the UK keeps releasing addicting indie rock/pop tracks that you can’t resist.

“Swimming” is an upbeat and super catchy track that begs to be added to your summer weather playlist. The singer pleads for his love to come swimming back to him and with the perfectly constructed guitar riffs and uplifting harmonies, it’s hard not for the chorus to get stuck in your head. The added bit of synth and keys completes the track nicely.

marsicans is comprised of James – Lead Vox/Guitar,  Oli – Guitar, Rob – Bass/Keys and Cale – Drums. We look forward to hearing more from this talented band.

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Shorebilly – “We care about You Boy” (Paris, France)

Shorebilly - "We care about You Boy"

Shorebilly is the solo project of Rémi Alexandre. The French artist has a vinyl release titled Wipeout.

Rémi Alexandre is one of the founding members of the band Syd Matters and Shorebilly is his new solo project. With Shorebilly, Rémi spends his time carving pieces of synthetic pop inspired by the waves.

“We care about You Boy” actually reminds us a bit  of one of our other favorites artists, WOOF. The track combines really sweet 80s synthetic beats and a groovy bassline that stays with you after first listen.

Keep an eye out for the vinyl release from Tree Machine Records in late may or early June.

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