Gentleman Brawlers - "My Theory"

At what point can one say that a song sounds timeless? And can one say that a song two years old sounds fresh, inventive, and inspiring? Gentleman Brawlers’ single, “My Theory”, is one of those rare songs that feels brand new even though it was first released in 2014.

In a time where music is dominated by pop melodies and arrangements (even in R&B, hip hop, and electronica), Gentlemen Brawlers remind us that there is a world of music to discover and hear, as heard on their brilliant and inventive single “My Theory”.

On “My Theory”, Gentlemen Brawlers integrate funky Afrobeat vibes with tinges of voodoo psychedelia. It’s Lagos, Nigeria meets New Orleans, USA. Konono No. 1 blended with Dr. John. Together, you get a single that is tantalizing and intoxicating, a single that will entrance you while making your body involuntarily groove anytime and anywhere. Kind of like the three woman in the song’s music video, which we are immensely pleased to premiere today.

One of the dancing women is Becca Fox, who is the frontwoman and keyboardists for the band. In 2011, Fox along with Jim Thomson (vocals/guitar), “Chatty Matty” Walsh (vocals/guitar), Ben Charnley (drums) and Trevor Brown (bass) formed Gentleman Brawlers, merging their shared interests of creating new, innovative music that re-introduced the Western world to new concepts, textures, and sounds. When “My Theory” was first released, it caught the attention of some of the most well-known radio personalities, including BBC Radio 6 broadcaster Tom Robinson.

The band is looking to build on the success of “My Theory” and their debut EP, We Were Made For These Times (purchase on iTunes), when they will release their debut, full-length album in September. If the LP sounds anything like “My Theory”, they could very well be the Western world’s answer to Konono No. 1.

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