We don’t often share electronic music on this site unless it is something that is innovative, fresh, and exciting. Even when we did Rendition and shared remixes, the preference always has been songs that would embed themselves into our psyche and haunt our minds for days or take us to dream-like places. When The Living Gods Of Haiti first arrived on the scene a year ago with their ethereal debut EP, Run Back to Never, we were enchanted.

Last Friday, they released their second EP, Killing Lotus, which sees the duo of singer, poet and film maker Rebekah Dobbins and producer Marc Collin tackle new soundscapes. As oppose to ethereal, the extended player is haunting. As oppose to lush, it is throbbing, even tribal at times. Instead of being dream-like, it sends you into a state of hypnosis. Killing Lotus isn’t a fairy tale of an album, but a dark, mysterious compilation – like a mystic rising above the horizon.

“Akem Manah” is that song which worships the mystic. Intentionally moving at a crawling pace, Dobbins’ mesmerizing vocals hover above Collin’s stark production. It’s a chant to a God or maybe to the undead, a ritual for the unknown. The opening and title track, “Killing Lotus”, is brilliant. Dense, dark, and hypnotic, the song will mesmerize you as Dobbins’ speaks to a “false god”. “Bone Dry”, the third and final original track, is similarly crippling and enchanting, but even darker and more stark the other two.

Killing Lotus isn’t for the faint of heart, as it isn’t your typical electronic album. It is one, however, that will mesmerize as it weaves a spell over you and, thus, bring you down to your knees. It won’t be the false god or unknown mystic who will pay tribute but to The Living Gods of Haiti.

Killing Lotus is out now via Kwaidan Records. Hear the entire EP on SoundCloud, which includes two remixes of “Killing Lotus”.

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The Living Gods of Haiti (by Ira Rokka)

Cover photo by Ira Rokka.

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