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Today we have 6 new tracks for your listening pleasure. This playlist is sure to keep you going as we hit that mid-week lull. You’ll find indie rock, garage/punk rock and a few that can’t even really be categorized aside from just “awesome”. It’s no surprise overseas is represented heavily today with the UK and the Netherlands winning and also representation from the USA.


THE JACQUES – “Eleanor Ring Me” (Bristol, England)

THE JACQUES - "Eleanor Ring Me"

THE JACQUES have just recently come out with a brand new track “Eleanor Ring Me” which is new wave brit rock at it’s finest. Honestly, we just love hearing singer  Fin talk about a ukulele in this track.

“Eleanor Ring Me” is the best blend of punk and garage inspired rock. The fast paced punky guitar licks, mixed with the perfect amount of trudging bass.

THE JACQUES share a bit about the track: “This tune is a kick at the people and things that we are distancing ourselves from now. I don’t think that lyrically it needs making sense of, but those who wish to interpret it will do that anyway of course. As I said though, just a kick.”

THE JACQUES is comprised of two sets of brothers, Fin & Elliot O’Brien and Jake and Oliver Edwards.

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Saltwater Sun – “Now Or Never” (London, England)

Saltwater Sun - "Now Or Never"

Saltwater Sun broke out on the scene last year with their debut track “Habit On My Mind” The Reading based band are back with their awesome new tune “Now Or Never”.

The tune has hints of 90s rock influences but with a fresh spin for today. With Stearnes’ strong and unique vocals set against perfectly placed guitar riffs and soaring harmonies, “Now Or Never” will satisfy any indie rock fan’s appetite.

The single is out now via Hand in Hive. Get it on iTunes.

Saltwater Sun are Jennifer Stearnes, Dan Kingham, Joel Neale, Benny Chandler and Robert Carter.

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Seramic – “Found” (England?)

Seramic - "Found"We know very little about this mysterious band, but their first two singles – “People Say” and “Waiting” – were massive hits online, collecting over 270,000 listens on SoundCloud.

“Found” has something for everyone. It’s a hybrid mix of R&B, electronic and rock. We do not know much about Seramic except that the music they have been releasing has continued to amass a wide range of fans.

The vocals are lush and soulful along with the driving beats, soaring chorus and guitar solo at the end we have no choice but to love this track.

Seramic’s Found EP will be released June 17th.

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St. Tropez – “I Wanna Live In St. Tropez” (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

St. Tropez - "I Wanna Live In St. Tropez"A couple of months ago, Amsterdam band St. Tropez blew us away with their dark, prodding single, “Order”. They now return with another awesome, blistering tune, “I Wanna Live in St. Tropez”.

Clocking in at just over two minutes, the band’s latest offering portrays the decay of guitar music in a country dominated by grey skies and pop music, with the yacht punkers from Amsterdam screaming for the sun-spilled beaches of St. Tropez.

“I Wanna Live in St. Tropez” is another perfect punk filled garage tune that has us totally impressed with an amazing guitar solo at the end. With the track clocking in at a little over 2 minutes, it definitely leaves us wanting to hear more.

Their self-titled, debut album is expected August 26th and we cannot wait!

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Wild Powwers – “Wet N’ Wild” (Seattle, USA)


Seattle trio Wild Powwers have recently released a new album Hugs and Kisses and Other Things. “Wet ‘N Wild” is one our favorite tracks from their newest release.

“Wet ‘N Wild” has the best of grunge inspired 90s rock with laid back vocals from Ms. Hilgeman. The track has just the right amount of distortion, that grungy bassline and is perfect for those that followed and fell in love with grunge as it was making it’s debut in the late 80s early 90s.

We look forward to hearing more from this new and emerging trio as they continue to expand and develop their sound.

Wild Powwers is comprised of Lara Hilgeman – guitar, vox Lupe Flores – drums, vox and Jordan Gomes – bass. Hugs and Kisses and Other Things can be purchased on their bandcamp page.

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WOMPS – “Manners” (Glasgow, UK)


The WOMPS are an awesome duo out of Glasgow that have totally impressed us with their track “Manners” which is off of their forthcoming album Our Fertile Forever.

The Glasgow based duo is creating hard hitting and gritty angst driven rock. “Manners” is almost 3 minutes of indie rock perfection. Their sound is big and impressive for just a two member band and with their debut album right around the corner, we are keeping and eye on these two as they could fill the hole in today’s sometimes disappointing rock landscape.

We are always looking for the next rock band that could break out and reach the masses. So far from what we have heard, WOMPS does have what it takes.

Our Fertile Forever will be out June 10th via Displaced Records and globally distributed by The Orchard.

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