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Will Cuming is one of Melbourne, Australia’s rising stars and one of the city’s most gifted talents. He’s a songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist, a producer, and a DJ. He’s written electronic dance music, electro-pop songs, folktronica, indietronica, ambient. You name it; he’s probably done it.

If you are not familiar with his name, you likely have heard of LANKS, which is Cuming’s music moniker. As LANKS, Cumings has established a strong online presence with his remixes and covers of popular songs, but it is his original work where his talents truly standout, such as heard on “Golden Age”, which we shared a few months ago. The song is unique with its multiple layers. It is, as such, not your typical electronic track – it’s not EDM nor electro-pop. It’s not electro-rock or electro-soul, but a multitude of sounds and textures.

So how did this creative genius become the person he is today? What was the music that influenced his sound? LANKS was kind enough to share five albums that shaped him as an artist. While all five are classics, some might surprise you. They did us.

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(cover photo by Brook James)


The BeatlesSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Pretty easy choice here. The album is almost like a theatrical play. The title track, particularly, forms and shifts between ideas, and it is so brilliant. Along with the super strong, pop songwriting, and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is an A+ for me.



Miles DavisBitches Brew

Weird story. I once had a phone where I set the opening song of Bitches Brew as my “incoming SMS” tone, where it would play until a button was pressed on the phone. It is such a subtle introduction with this light and hypnotic snare drum sneaking in. It got to the point that I would think I was hearing it several times a day, but it was just in my head. I had to change it before going completely mad (settled for partial madness).

The AcidLiminal

This album is possibly the most underrated album of the past few years. Sonically and songwriting-wise, it is so bold and incredible. The way that they can be so minimal and let every sound have space to breathe is amazing. Love it. Also, one of the members of The Acid is Ry X, who happens to be my cousin, and I am also just super proud of the work he makes.

No Mythologies to Follow

This opened up pop music again for me. The album showed me how interesting the phrasing and melodies can be. Great Scandinavian pop at its best with some sweet trap beats thrown in for good measure.



This is the first album that got me hooked on Radiohead – an addiction that has never subsided. Track by track I got sucked in, and I will always remember from the moment that ride cymbal first kicked in on “You And Whose Army”. The rush of energy tingled through my limbs that swept over me.

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