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The Matinee May 20th


The Matinee May 20th has six new tracks for your listening pleasure. It’s Friday and the weekend is about to start – it’s hard not to share some really addicting upbeat indie pop. That is most of what is on our list aside from some electropop and some killer soul. We hope you find your new favorite song, artist or band.

Bayonet – “Everything” (Sheffield, England)

Bayonet - "Everything"

Bayonet have a brand new indie-pop single after releasing their more laid back showing of “Three Months“. The track speaks to those relationships where you want to find someone that was just like your last lost love so you believe the next person you happen along can be your ‘everything’ but in reality they don’t compare.

The track is full of perfectly placed guitar riffs set against the chorus that is hard to forget. Bayonet share a bit about their sound: “Our songs are always written to be fun and relevant to a younger generation and that’s why we feel we are engaging with the young’uns so much in our home town of Sheffield. We work really hard on our live show as we want that to be a huge part of why people love Bayonet

Bayonet are Vince Ringrose (guitar/vocals), Lewis Cain (guitar/vocals), Danny Higgins (bass), and Sam Chapman (drums). “Everything” is released via Scruff of the Neck Records.

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Coast Modern – “Guru” (Los Angeles, USA)

Coast Modern - "Guru"

Coast Modern have a new track titled “Guru”. It is a great mix of indie rock/synth pop and has a bit of a Twenty One Pilots vibe with the combination of singing/rap. Lyrically it’s a great track about those relationships where you might be with someone that is a bit intimidating in terms of talent and their place in life. In that way, they are definitely someone you inspire to be like, especially if that means making the relationship work.

The tropical/reggae vibe is really cool throughout as well and it begs to be added to any summer’s day playlist. Coast Modern were at SXSW earlier this year and they will embark on a summer tour supporting the likes of Temper Trap, BØRNS and The Wombats.

Coast Modern is the project of Coleman Trapp and Luke Atlas.

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Ethan Burns – “Homeward” (Los Angeles, USA)

Ethan Burns - "Homeward"Ethan Burns has just released his debut single “Homeward” and it’s an amazing dose of rock+soul. Although we sometimes don’t like to compare he’s musically hybrid of Leon Bridges and Nathaniel Rateliff with an underlying homage to Van Morrison.

“Homeward” just makes you want to get up and move a bit – or at the very least sway. Burns’ vocals are dripping with soul and his debut effort is a promising one for all of you fans out there that don’t ever want 50s inspired rock ‘n soul to die.

We can’t wait to hear more from Mr. Burns and based on his debut effort, he has the talent and potential to catch like wildfire just like Mr Bridges did last year.

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Peter Vogelaar – “Take Me With You” (Feat. Cat Dowling)” (Waterford, Ireland)

Peter Vogelaar - "Take Me With You" (Feat. Cat Dowling)"

Peter Vogelaar is a bass player & producer from Waterford, Ireland. His new album ‘The Science Of Summer‘ features collaborations with Deaf Joe, Katie Kim, Cat Dowling, Ken Lally, Susan O’Neill & Aisling Browne.

We are sharing “Take Me With You” which is an experimental pop track with awesome vocals by Ms. Dowling.

Mr. Vogelaar shares a bit about the album: “I wanted to make an electronica/folktronica album, loosely conceptual, that tries to capture the energy and atmosphere of a summers day. The real obstacle was trying to give the album a continuity with all these guest vocalists who had their own personality and flavour.”

Mr Vogelaar’s production talents are unique and different than alot of hybrid pop-electronica that is out there today. If you dig his album like we do, you can purchase it on i-Tunes.

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Theme Park – “You Are Real” (London, England)

Theme Park - "You Are Real"

Theme Park is a band from London that have been on hiatus for a bit but they are back this year with a new track titled “You Are Real”.

With lovely vocals akin to Thomas Mars and a few production elements that remind us of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, we are hooked by the indie pop goodness of the track and this one also needs to be added to any feel good summer playlist.

Theme Park is working on a new album this year so we should be hearing more from the trio soon.

Theme Park are comprised of Marcus Haughton, Miles Haughton, and Oscar Manthorpe.

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Vogue Dots – “If You Stay” (Halifax, Canada)

Vogue Dots - "If You Stay"

Vogue Dots are a Canadian duo that are making waves in the synth pop arena.

Vogue Dots came to life when Babette Hayward and Tynan Dunfield joined forces in the experimental-pop-tronica department. Their previous EP led the pair to collecting notable praise and meanwhile exploring, expanding and experimenting even more with their new single If You Stay.

“If You Stay” is addicting indie-electronica with Hayward’s soothing vocals that are similar to Beth Orton and their overall sound reminds of Beach House. The track is ethereal and dreamy without being to complicated.

The single has been released via Vienna, Austria label, Sea You Entertainment.

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