There is a new breed of singer-songwriter arriving on the music scene. They are not white-behind-the-ears men and women who are aspiring but to be the next Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, or Adam Levine. These are individuals who have already had their music heard – just not on the radio. They are composers, producers, and songwriters for movies and television shows. Not surprisingly, their music is cinematic, layered with multiple textures to build the drama, create feelings that are euphoric, haunting, or both, and cause us to recall joyous or painful memories.

One of these artists is Vinnie Bonefield, who goes simply by the moniker Bonefield. A native of France, Bonefield is a producer and songwriter, who now adds singer to his list of professions. He has worked on scores for and had some of his songs played on numerous television shows – Continuum, which stars Rachel Nichols; Teen Wolf, the MTV show that builds on the 1985 hit movie; Colony, a new drama about a secret sect; and the SyFy series Wyonna Earp, which follows Wyatt Earp’s granddaughter fending off demons and other otherwordly creatures.

Bonefield’s music is as eclectic as the projects he has worked on. His music is dark folk, but his sound integrates electronica, indie and traditional folk music, and alt-country. Bring together Johnny Cash with Massive Attack, and you get an idea of the type of music Bonefield creates. But instead of imagining of what he sounds like, take a listen to his brand new single, “Window, which we are pleased to premiere today.

“Window” is like Continuum in that it is a song that cuts across time. Instead of moving between the future and present, the song travels between the 1789 French Revolution and the present day, comparing how the political situation in the country that brought us liberté, égalité, fraternité has changed very little. As Bonefield shared about the song, “‘Window’ is a warning and a reminder that things can get ugly when the people are angry.

In listening to the song, it could also be the song of a chain gang toiling in the mines or along the railroad lines in 18th Century France or in the unexplored western USA in the 19th Century America. It is dark, it is enchanting, and it is a brilliant introduction to an artist who is not only here to entertain but to make us challenge the world around us – and that includes the way we hear and experience music.

The audio for “Window” is below. As a bonus, “Shovel”, which was featured on Wyonna Earp, is also below.

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