GlowFair is a huge Block Party in Ottawa’s downtown which transforms ten city blocks into a festival of music, light and art. It is a very unique experience and there is much to take in. There are two main stages, twenty bands and DJ acts, and did I mention it is free?

This preview will focus on the main stage evening acts.

June 17th


Caveboy is an indie-dream pop band from Montreal. Last fall, they released their eponymous, debut EP, which had us comparing them to Young Galaxy (see more about Young Galaxy below). With both acts on the bill the same night, you can come check it out for yourself who is the teacher and the student.


Fevers have shared stages around the world with some amazing artists. This is the “little band that could”, a local act who is slowly taking the music world by storm. Come see what the fuss is about and why the critics have been raving.

Young Galaxy

Young Galaxy is an indie dream-pop band from Montreal now with five studio albums and several EPs under their belt. Their sound is influenced by 80s electronic, acid house, and R&B, which they marry together into their own synthpop sound that is sure to delight. They have long been a favourite of some of The Revue staffers, whose last album, Falsework, had us re-imagining them as a modern-day Roxette.

Keys N Krates

Headlining the main stage on Friday night will be Keys N Krates. Come share your best moves with this this year’s JUNO award winner for Dance Recording of the Year, as they are at the top of their game. Their best days, however, are still to come.

June 18th

Gang Signs

Described by creator Peter Ricq as “bringing other people’s nightmares to life as dance floor romances”. I’m not sure I can imagine what that means, but colour me intrigued!

The Balconies

The Balcones are a rock band originally from Ottawa, now based out of Toronto. They are likely familiar to many Ottawa residents, as they’ve of course played many dates in the city over the years but that does not make them any less intriguing. The band always gives their all on stage, and Jacquie Neville’s stage performance is absolutely mesmerizing. The trio is getting set to release a new album, so the show likely will be a launching point for the band to test their new material.

Rich Aucoin

Rich Aucoin is an indie-rock performer based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. If you have never seen him perform live you are definitely missing out. His performances are intense, and he always manages to get even the most subdued of audiences to join him in his act. I don’t want to divulge too much because I remember the joy of seeing him for the first time and being immersed totally by surprise into his live show. I guarantee you will be swept away and enjoy every minute of it. Honestly it is hard to imagine a more perfect match to what this festival is all about.


Dragonette is a brilliant electronic band from Toronto that I have enjoyed live several times. Their performances are always animated and they will have you dancing before the night is through. They just released a new single so I’m sure we can expect some fresh tracks to go along with some of our favourites.

GlowFair has done a wonderful job putting together a great line-up of spirited bands to help you celebrate in the streets. Come for the music, stay for the art!

Theatre Corona Montreal, Nov. 2015
Theatre Corona
Montreal, Nov. 2015

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