Lonely BensonIt’s June 1st, which means sunnier and hotter days are ahead. It also means the music gets as warm as the overhead sun and as cool as the breeze coming off the ocean. Combining these two wonderful things about summer is the brand new single by Dan Young, who goes by the moniker Lonely Benson, and we are extremely pleased to premiere “Lazy Lover” .

This laid-back track has a touch of The Beach Boys mixed with the unpretentious, nonchalant vibes of Mac DeMarco. And like the Canadian artist’s music, Young shares a song about something you would not have expected by the title. “Lazy Lover” is not about a neglectful person or about the love of Young’s life – it is about Young’s favorite herb. We guess you could say, it is a love song.

With Young’s soothing vocals and the summery, tropical vibe, the song makes you want to sway like a weed – ummm – palm tree in the ocean breeze. Regardless of the subject matter, this cool tune is the perfect track to spin on a weekend road trip, chilling out with friends, or any time you just want to feel better. We actually feel like this track perfectly conveys to the listener how you might feel after partaking in Mr. Young’s favorite herb.

“Lazy Lover” is the first of a series of songs that will be released on the 1st day of every month for a full year. As such, you will be hearing more from Lonely Benson. To get the latest updates, follow Lonely Benson at:

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