The Matinee June 7th edition features seven songs artists originally from or based in Australia, Canada, England, Spain, and the USA. These are artists to know and who are the verge of blowing up.


Altar Eagles – “Time Out” (Los Angeles, USA via Toronto, Canada)

Altar Eagles - "Time Out"RIYL: Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Canadian Erik Alcock has established a name for himself as a member of the production group The New Royales, who have worked with well-known names in the hip-hop and R&B fields. His solo project as Altar Eagles, however, is exactly opposite from his other job. Forget quick wordplay and huge bass effects, his new single “Time Out” is a shimmering, psychedelic-pop gem that mixes the lush, vibrant sounds of Tame Impala while mixing in some Unknown Mortal Orchestra-esque grooves. As you spin the song repeatedly, you just might think you are listening to Kevin Parker himself while Ruban Nielsen is providing the production work. Maybe Alcock will forego the production business and pursue a full-time, solo career, especially if he can continue to make songs this brilliant.

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Bec Sandridge – “You’re A Fucking Joke” (Sydney, Australia)

BEC SANDRIDGE - "You're A Fucking Joke"

RIYL: Blondie, Laura Branigan, Irene Cara, Karen O

When we last heard from rising Australian star, Bec Sandridge, she was blowing us away with the euphoric and mind-blowing single, “In The Fog, In The Flame”. Eight months later, the woman with one of the most captivating vocals is back, sharing her ’80s-influenced, orchestral synth-pop. Besides the sound, the one thing we love about Sandridge is her attitude, as she is never afraid to hold anything back and tells things as they are. This honest songwriting is what makes “You’re A Fucking Joke” an awesome track. With a Karen O ferocity, a Debbie Harry grace, and some gritty keys and productions that rival Wolf Parade, Sandridge slowly unleashes her rage on the “fucker” who left her “dancing on my own”. Given the theme and lyrics, this great track would have been perfect as the theme song for Flashdance and more fitting than Irene Cara’s classic “What A Feeling”.

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B00TY – “Holy” (Los Angeles, USA)

B00TY - "Holy"RIYL: The Weeknd, Sam Cooke, Isaac Hayes, Samm Henshaw

One of the great singles of the week is the new track by Los Angeles collective B00TY, the project formulated by UCLA graduates Edan Freiberger and Adam Epelbaum and includes Connor Irias, Nick Setter, Jesse McGinty, and Rhea Dummett. “Holy” epitomizes creativity and musical brilliance. What the group has done is bridge multiple generations into one glorious song, bringing together 50s soul, 70s funk-soul, and contemporary, experimental R&B music into one fantastic tune. In other words, “Holy” is the trinity of Sam Cooke, Isaac Hayes, and The Weeknd, who are sitting under the same altar. And like some of the classics these artists have created, B00TY’s “Holy” gets better and better with each listen.

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Breanna Barbara – “Sailin’ Sailin'” (Brooklyn, USA)

Breanna Barbara - "Sailin' Sailin'"RIYL: Joanne Shaw-Taylor, Donna Grantis (3rdeyegirl), John Lee Hooker

“Hello Breanne Barbara!” You’ll be shouting those words after listening to Barbara’s awesome new single, “Sailin’ Sailin'”. This isn’t some cheery, nice-listening, pop-rock song; this is a gritty, in-your-face, hold-nothing-back, blues-rocker that, even at just over two minutes, will melt your face. And yes, that is Barbara on slide guitar, doing her best Nels Cline impersonation (and with aplomb we might add). With such mad skills, we might have another guitar god to worship.

“Sailin’ Sailin'” is the lead single from Breanna Barbara’s forthcoming debut album, Mirage Dreams, which comes out July 22, 2016 on No Roads Records.

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Cross Wires – “Pink Dogs” (London, England)

Cross Wires - "Pink Dogs"RIYL: Editors, Television, The Pixies, Eagulls

With so many great bands coming out of the United Kingdom, it is immensely difficult for a band to break away from the crowded field. Cross Wires may have finally found the formula that will have them heard far and wide. Having already been played on Amazing Radio, the quartet from London’s new single, “Pink Dogs”, is a gargantuan track. The bass line is Editors-esque; the crushing guitars have a Television vibe; and the percussion work and ferocity resonate The Eagulls. If this is the first time hearing about Cross Wires (as it is for us), they have left a huge impression.

Cross Wires are Jonathan Chapman (vocals), Peter Muller (guitar/vocals), Pete Letch (bass/vocals), and Ian Clarke (drums). The foursome will be releasing their debut album later this year or early next year.

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Stuart Newman – “One Big F (radio edit)” (Brighton, England)

Stuart Newman - "One Big F"RIYL: Hozier, Joseph Arthur, Phosphorescent

A year old, Stuart Newman caught our attention with his Richard Ashcroft-style music, as heard on “Love’s Off the Hook”. The Brighton singer-songwriter returns with a “new” single much to our delight. Actually, it’s not a brand new single, but rather an old single that Newman has shortened a bit and amped the best parts. This blues-rock number is “off the hook”. The slow build is brilliant, complementing Newman’s story about one man’s distraught of the puzzling world before him. How this young man continues to fly under the radar is a mystery to us.

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TEN BEARS – “Falling” (Madrid, Spain)


Write down the name TEN BEARS somewhere in your phone and ingrain the trio’s name in your head because they are about to be Spain’s biggest export since chorizo and chocolate y con churros. Their new single, “Falling”, has a CHVRCHES-meets-HAIM vibe – laid-back production of Venezuelan transplant  Johan Escalona combined with the cool, smooth harmonies of Chipi López and Lucia Ranz. It is a song that will not only appeal to the younger demographic, but also one that will have all music fans bellowing their names out in the very near future.

To learn more about TEN BEARS, read The Line of Best Fit’s profile on them.

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