The Matinee June 8th is full of rock to keep you moving through this week. We have a nice dose of indie rock, psych rock, hard core punk inspired rock and a little bit of pop-rock. Inadvertently this playlist includes bands solely from the UK.  We hope you find your new favorite song or band.

Clay – “Stay Calm!” (Leeds, England)

Clay - "Stay Calm!"RIYL: Delamere, No Hot Ashes, VYNCE

The Leeds based trio are back with their newest track “Stay Calm!” which was released back in April. On the surface the track is full of feel good indie pop, but the actual lyrical theme is about being in too much of an idealistic love which is something you just cannot maintain.

Clay are producing emotive indie pop-rock that immediately hooks you at first listen. Clay are playing the Isle Of Wight Festival and will later follow up with their debut headlining tour.

The trio share a bit about the track: “The song is written from an obsessive viewpoint you know, that idealistic thought of being in love. One of the lines ‘Im not gonna change the world overnight’ is almost justification for the lyric it precedes, that sort of unsure/ indecisive mindset. But whatever, Stay Calm!”

Clay are Joe Harvey, Jack Harvey, Rob Gration, and Danny Armitage.

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FalseHeads – “Thick Skin” (East London, England)

FalseHeads - "Thick Skin"RIYL: The Buzzcocks, Cross Wires, Wire

Falseheads are that band that re-ignites your passion for rock. Rock that is not dead, rock that still lives on and gives one hope that new and talented artists/bands can be added to our list of favorites from the past.

The trio from East London are creating the perfect blend of garage inspired punk rock with an attention to detail on songwriting as well. With “Thick Skin” we hear frenzied rock mixed with that laid back garage vibe which most likely piqued the interest of 25 Hour Convenience Store, who recently signed the band last year.

Falseheads are Luke Griffiths, Jake Elliott, and Barney Nash and we have a feeling we will be hearing much more from these lads in the future.

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No Nothings – “I’m Dead” (Kingston-Upon-Hull, England)

RIYL: Dead Kennedys,  Iggy & The Stooges, Minor Threat


No Nothings are giving us all a hard dose of in your face rock. Sometimes you just need that song to help you get out your frustrations with a little bit of hard core punk rock.

No Nothings have recently signed to I’m Not From London Records and we are excited to share their newest track from their upcoming self titled EP.

“I’m Dead” is 1:39 minutes of ear splitting punk inspired rock that has you wondering what in the world their live set is like. We are sure they would be a live band you would not want to miss.

You can pre-order their upcoming self-titled debut EP, here.

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Palm Honey – “You Stole My Blackout” (Reading, England)

PALM HONEY - "You Stole My Blackout"RIYL: Tame Impala, Temples, The Vryll Society

Palm Honey are creating a whirlwind of sound that includes a bit of shoegze, funk, psychedelia, krautrock and hints of indie-pop. With “You Stole My Blackout” we hear introspective lyrics and psych pop vibes that make you want to groove.

The Reading based quartet are poised to impress with their futuristic flair on psych-pop and could become a break out band the likes of Temples or Tame Impala.

Palm Honey are Joseph Mumford, Harrison Clark, Sebastian Bowden, and Ayden Spiller.

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Plastic Mermaids – “Beyond The Cosmos After Death” (Isle of Wight, England)

Plastic Mermaids - "Beyond The Cosmos After Death"RIYL: Etches, Flaming Lips

Plastic Mermaids are creating an awesome ethereal and cinematic vibe that has you speechless after listening. “Beyond The Cosmos After Death” is almost 6 and a half minutes and it builds and winds and explodes into layers upon layers of sonic perfection.

“Beyond The Cosmos After Death” is from their recently released EP,

Plastic Mermaids is comprised of Douglas Richards, Jamie Richards,  Chris Jones, Tom Farren and Chris Newnham.

The single is from Plastic Mermaids’ latest EP, Everything Is Yellow And Yellow Is My Least Favourite Colour, which is out now via Cross Key Records.

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Tourists – “Quiet Room” (Torquay, England)

Tourists - "Quiet Room"RIYL: Coquin Migale, Local Natives, Martha & The Muffins

Tourists have been creating some awesome pop inspired indie rock as of late. With “Quiet Room”, they once again succeed in producing sunny feel good harmonies that have you wanting to sway back and forth.

From the perfectly placed guitar and synth, to the inviting vocals and sampling of Stephen Fry, this is another track that can totally be added to your feel good summer playlist.

Tourists are Jamie Giles, Scott Morton, Matthew White, Lloyd Bastow, and Tom Wilkinson.

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