It only takes one, as the old adage goes. A single pebble tossed into a lake can create an endless ripple. A slight noise can cause an avalanche. A single idea could start a revolution. For the band POLSKY, it all started with one man, one idea, and a laptop in his bedroom that manifested itself into what it is today – a full-force, cross-genre quartet with a social conscience.

Founded by Chris Warren, POLSKY are a modern take of the punk bands of the ’70s – not necessarily in sound but in the issues they champion. Like The Sex Pistols, POLSKY are speaking out against the establishment, specifically the increasing commercialization and privatization of the world around us. They are using their varied approach to share their anti-corporate ethic, and this is all on full display on their debut album, My Own Company, which we are pleased to premiere today.

The messages in the album range from the seduction of fame (“In Love At The Cinema”), the deterioration of the natural environment (“Song For The Silver Surfer”), and the effects of technology on humanity (“Culture”). And as varied as the themes are, musically, POLSKY tackle a number of genres – ’80s pop (“Nimbus Cumulus” and “Cupboard Love”), a mix of goth and orchestral pop (“Rounds”), and anthemic, indie electro-rock a la Bloc Party, which is where the band succeeds the best (“Halcyon Daze”, “100 Million Ways to Die”). Cutting across each song is a theatrical, cinematic vibe, where every song is accentuated a little bit more to give it an added sense of drama and effect. As such, you might feel you are listening to a rock opera, except that the orchestra are four guys and the main actors are us living in the corporate world.

POLSKY’s My Own Company officially drops on Friday, June 10th. Pre-order the album on Bandcamp.

POLSKY are Chris Warren (vocals/guitar), Chris Norman (bass), Alex Robertson (drums), and Ben Warn (keys).

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