Since Wendy offered six awesome rockers on yesterday’s mini-playlist, today The Matinee June 9th features seven more melodic and haunting tunes. Well, there are two edgier numbers in there. Can’t have a playlist that is entirely melodic can we?

Darkswoon – “Necromancer” (Portland, USA)

Darkswoon - "Necromancer"RIYL: Julianna Barwick, Slowdive, Lower Dens, Briana Marela

It’s a bit difficult to describe the music of Darkswoon, the project of Portland, Oregon resident Jana Cushman, and that is a compliment. Her dark but ethereal music expands genres and styles, offering some of the most innovative, imaginative, and captivating music being made today. Her new single, “Necromancer”, is the perfect example of her hypnotizing and piercing approach, as the deep percussion and Cushman’s hallow voice penetrate deep into your soul and leave an everlasting impression.

This will not be the last time you hear from Cushman, who is planning to release a new album sometime this summer.

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Field Mouse – “The Mirror” (Brooklyn & Philadelphia, USA)

Field Mouse - "The Mirror"RIYL: Swearin’, Waxahatchee, Frankie Cosmos

A favorite of some of the crew here is Field Mouse, who have been making noise with their varied sound. Formed six years ago, the Brooklyn-Philadelphia-based quintet continue to evolve, moving away from the dream-pop, shoegaze, and nu-chillwave beginnings to now a more edgier yet still melodic indie rock / post-punk. Their new single, “The Mirror”, captures the new sound – a harder rock approach to complement frontwoman’s more aggressive lyricism. In addition to the music, Brown continues to grow as a songwriter, whose sharp pen is starting rival that of Allison and Katie Crutchfield and Sadie Dupuis.

“The Mirror” is the lead single from Field Mouse’s forthcoming, third full-length, Episodic, which arrives August 5th via Topshelf Records.

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Haux – “Seaside” (London, England via Boston, USA)

Haux - "Seaside"RIYL: Justin Vernon/Bon Iver, Axel Flovent

One of our favorite hidden gems is finally back with some new music after an 8-month period of silence. Haux – the project of Woodson Black – blew us away last year with songs like “Homegrown” and “Cave”, and his latest number, “Seaside”, is no different. No making his own in London and the western English area of The Berkshires, the song has a beautiful glacial feel, highlighted by Black’s delicate and stunning vocals and the terrific, icy production. Like Justin Vernon, Woodson is that rare artist who is able to create stunning soundscapes that take listeners to the extreme depths of their own imaginations. How far Woodson can take us will be determined soon, when his debut EP, All We’ve Known, is released on July 8th via Akira Records.

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Masasolo – “How It Feels” (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Masasolo - "How It Feels"RIYL: Kevin Parker/Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Mac DeMarco

When we first caught wind of Danish band Masasolo in February, we asked, “What do you get if you put Kevin Parker co-fronting Unknown Mortal Orchestra?” With the group’s second single, “How It Feels”, the answer to that question remains the same. As you would expect when combining the vibes and sounds of two of music’s great bands, “How It Feels” is a groovy, psychedelic wonderland of a number that is stirred by frontman Morten Søgaard’s smooth and lush vocals. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this fine, trippy tune.

This fall, Masasolo are expected to release their debut EP via Antiphonics. Date of the EP is still to be determined. In addition to Morten Søgaard, Masaolo includes Jacob Haubjerg and Olaf Olsen.

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Morgan Delt – “I Don’t Wanna See What’s Happening Outside” (Los Angeles, USA)

Morgan Delt - "I Dont Wanna See What's Happening Outside"RIYL: Frank Zappa, John Lennon, Mikal Cronin

Speaking about another psychedelic gem, Morgan Delt defines the term. In 2014, Delt released one of the surprise albums of the year with his brilliant self-titled debut that could be best described as Ty Segall on a sedative. His efforts caught the attention of the great indie label Sub Pop, who recently signed him. As we anticipate Delt’s sophomore album, he shares the lead single “I Don’t Wanna See What’s Happening Outside”.

This number is more melodic and spacey than anything on his debut album. The smooth grooves, Delt’s soft vocals, and the hush but lush melodies are Zappa-esque and Lennon-esque, where the aim is not to blow our minds but to entrance us with wave after wave of sound. It’s like taking a sip from the “Drink Me Potion” and then entering into the colorful kaleidoscope of Wonderland – or in this case, Delt’s world.

Delt’s sophomore album, Phase Zero, will be released August 26th.

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The Mystery Lights – “Follow Me Home” (New York City, USA)

The Mystery Lights - "Follow Me Home"RIYL: Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

In the “Eff Yeah” category comes the new single by New York City quintet The Mystery Lights. The band is just an old-fashion rock ‘n roll band. No bells or whistles, just five guys, a couple of guitars, a bass, an organ, and a drum kit making music that is mind-boggling good. Their new single, “Follow Me Home”, has that trademark neo-psychedelic hook and bass line plus the eerie echoes of the organ, reminiscent of when psychedelia was king. “Follow Me Home” is essentially a trippy time warp through music with The Mystery Lights acting as the DeLorean that transports us back to the ’70s.

The song is the lead single from The Mystery Light’s forthcoming, self-titled, debut album, which will be released on June 24th via Wick Records, a subsidiary of Daptone Records.

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Rosemary Fairweather – “Moonlight” (Toronto, Canada)

Rosemary Fairweather - "Moonlight"RIYL: Mitski, Julianna Barwick, Eskimeaux,

There is already one Canadian who is dominating the synth-pop and electro-pop realm, and another might soon join Grimes as the dominant force in the genre. But unlike Claire Elise Boucher, Rosemary Fairweather has opted for more wistful and serene soundscapes to whisk us away into the subconscious. She’s released a handful of singles, and the latest one, “Moonlight” is an immaculate dream. It begins with the effortless production, the titillating electric drums, and Fairweather’s faint yet beautiful vocals, which together yields a song so seductive that you will be yearning for it to never end.

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