Cuddle Party

With a name like Cuddle Party, you probably would anticipate this band makes cheesy pop music or formulaic dance music. Quite this opposite, Cuddle Party is the brain child of Dwight Miller, a teenager who has used music as an outlet to express the challenges and conflicts he and his friends encounter as they grow up.

You might be thinking that this band then is singing about girl problems, their dislike of the education system, or promoting the slacker mentality that affects so many people (not just youth but older people, too). Again, this could not be any further than the truth. Miller and his friends, instead, are trying to make sense of the confusion and the polar forces that constantly bombard our lives. On their single “Sleeping In”, Cuddle Party reveal the internal and interpersonal conflicts. Through a lo-fi, emo approach, Miller sings,

I’m never sleeping in.
I’m never giving up.
I’m never coming back.
I’m never growing up.

I’m never right on time.
I’ve never got it rough
So I don’t know why I always feel so fucked up

It is a little too early to anoint Miller as the next Kurt Cobain, but if he and his mates continue down this path of making thoughtful, honest music, they just might reach such heights. Hear the song and watch the DIY video below in this exclusive video premiere. The audio version of “Sleeping In” is also below.

The song is on Cuddle Party’s debut EP, Assumption, which is available via Make Anything Records and on the band’s Bandcamp site.

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