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Josiah, Jordan Klassen and Northcote: hat trick at House of Targ (photo essay)


If I had to pick a random day of the week to peg as being a highlight, more often than not it would reflect the weekend. When pondering the week past, that would have been wrong. For it was not a Friday or a Saturday, but a Tuesday that would hold that memory. On June 7th, House of Targ hosted an evening of folk music featuring talented musicians in triplicate. Josiah (of Tennessee’s Josiah and the Bonnevilles), who recently released their EP Cold Blood, lead off the evening with an solo acoustic set. An enthusiastic fan seemed to know the lyrics word for word, bringing a very southern charm smile to his face as she silently sang along.

The west coast was then well represented, beginning with Ottawa-based, Vancouver native Jordan Klassen who’s latest album, Javelin, came out in February of this year and really registered positively when songs were played live.

The evening rounded out with Victoria’s Northcote (Matthew Daniel Goud), who drew the crowd even nearer, and then ventured among them, drawing cheers and applause. Hope Is Made of Steel is the third full length album of this BC resident, and Goud and band mates are well worth a listen.

This terrific folk-forward triple-bill tour is still out and about in Canada for the month of June; check if they’re headed your way so you don’t miss out !


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Jordan Klassen
Jordan Klassen


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