Esbie Fonte - "Yesterday's News"

Likely every other music fan has a soft spot for Tori Amos, Natalie Merchant, or Margo Timmins of Cowboy Junkies and likely spun one of their songs or albums to help them through a difficult time. They were like that one friend you could confide in, telling her or him every secret or feeling. Newcomer Esbie Fonte has that same allure with her soft, delicate vocals and stories that range from the sentimental to love to uncertainty.

Her single “Yesterday’s News” reflects all these emotions. The song is one of confusion, where the song describes the confusion that exists within the song’s main character. The song’s melody builds on these feelings, combining the folk-pop of the aforementioned legends while adding subtle dabs of electronic beats and rhythms, a girl’s laugh, and a voice from the radio to reflect the disorder around her.

The music video for the song also showcases different scenarios and events, moments which are tender and graceful, of regular daily life, and of solitude. The video, which Fonte directed, edited, and produced herself, is raw yet honest and sincere, much like the song. It demonstrates that in the mass confusion that surrounds us that there is beauty to be found even in the most candid moments of our lives. View the video below in this exclusive premiere. The audio version is also provided after the video.

“Yesterday’s News” is Fonte’s debut single, which she also self-produced and -released. It can be purchased on iTunes.

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