Bugeye -"Never Let You Go"

Last month, one of London’s great underground bands Bugeye re-emerged after a lengthy hiatus – a band that got us excited upon hearing their return. Their first single in nearly fifteen years was “Disco Dancer”, a 3.5-minute, dizzying, disco-punk track. Today, they share their second single, “Never Let You Go”, which we are immensely pleased to premiere today.

“Never Let You Go” is another great tune with a similar dizzying spell. It is Blondie meeting Yeah Yeah Yeahs, where the 70s-inspired disco-punk vibe is wildly infectious, the searing vocals of front woman Angela Martin are delirious, and the entire five-minute experience is like a journey through the rabbit hole – in this case, the secret dance clubs and dive bars of London’s Soho district.

Take a listen to the track below and celebrate the return of this great trio. If this is your first introduction to Bugeye, then get on the bandwagon and let them take you on a nostalgic trip.

The journey will continue of July 8th when Bugeye’s new EP, Never Let You Go, arrives via Repeat Records/Badger Recording Co. The trio are Angela Martin (vocals/guitar), Paula Snow (bass), and Jack Houston (drums).

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