technicolors1A year ago, The Technicolors burst on the scene with their EP, Ultraviolet Disguise, which received some US-wide airplay and coverage. The EP was an electrifying mixture of Muse’ electric rock and the anthemic pop-rock of Snow Patrol. Not surprisingly, it put the Phoenix-based quartet on the national radar.

Instead of building on this popular approach, The Technicolors have taken a huge step back – actually, many steps back. They have opted for a more stripped-down approach for their forthcoming, new EP, Sweat. While we could try to describe exactly what the band is seeking to achieve, frontman Brennan Smiley said it best on Instagram last week:

“So we made something. With only acoustic guitars and beat machines and arcade synthesizers. A challenge that yielded something cool. It’s things like this that reveal our true character as musicians, songwriters, friends, people. Taken out of your comfort zone & forced to make something new of it. Venture into a new kind of thicket, a new politic, uncharted territory. I was so surprised to see what came of it, and even in doing things the opposite way we normally would, We were shocked to see how much of US was reveled in these songs.”

Today, we have the immense pleasure of presenting this “new politic, uncharted territory” known as “Space Cadet”, the second single from the EP.

True to Smiley’s description, “Space Cadet” is something completely otherwordly. It is Amnesiac-era Radiohead with an extra dose of dreaminess and summery sultriness combined with the psychedelic haze of Flaming Lips to give the listener an ethereal feel. With meticulous acoustic arrangements, Smiley’s engaging vocals and soaring chorus the track is one that qualifies for instant repeat.

Lyrically “Space Cadet” is introspective with the simple statement of “I’m just a space cadet, with nowhere to lay my head” and continues later with the plea of “don’t send me off”. Bringing these influences together, The Technicolors have created a fresh and exciting sound that will appeal to every alternative rock fan. And like these great bands, you will be briefly transported into another dimension, where solitude has never sounded so blissful.

Hear “Space Cadet” below in this exclusive premiere. If you enjoyed the song, the title track from the EP is also included for your listening pleasure.

The Technicolors are Brennan Smiley (vocals/guitar), Troy Lowney (keys), Mike (Nico) Nicolette (bass), and Sean Silverman (guitar/vocals). The band started back when Smiley was acoustically supporting other Phoenix music acts by performing his songs live. After a few shows, the project began to grow and soon turned into a more serious approach, taking on the form of The Technicolors.

Sweat EP will be available via tape cassette physically and all electronic outlets this Friday, June 24th. The EP will be released by Eighty One Twenty Three. You can pre-order the EP now on i-Tunes.

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