therashitajonesesMilwaukee indie garage rockers The Rashita Joneses are DIY musicians on a two-fold mission: to make loud, kickass music and not be sued by a certain actress for naming their band after her.

They definitely succeed on the first part, and, so far, they’re in the clear on the second. But then again, their deliberately altered spelling of Rashida Jones’ name will probably keep them free of any cease-and-desist orders.

But before we dive into this song, let’s talk about the band.

The three band members – Jeff Grabo on guitar, Matt Musil on bass, and Phil Hoge on drums – are all fans of the NBC hit comedy show, Parks and Recreation, and actress Rashida Jones. What started as an inside joke (based on the fact that they thought her name sounds cool) eventually became their band’s actual name. These longtime friends who met in high school formed the band in 2015. Their debut EP that released in March 2015 became part of their follow-up self-titled LP that dropped just two months later. As beginner’s luck goes, they struck gold soon after. In a fortunate turn of events, they were selected to play the “world’s largest music festival” – Wisconsin’s Summerfest – that same year. Today the trio, all in their early 20s, is preparing to release a new 7” single, and it’s the perfect introduction to the band if you’ve never heard them before.

The dense wall of guitar-driven sound on “Alien Ocean” starts with an instantly catchy riff, propelled by solid percussion that elicits an immediate foot-tapping, head-nodding response. If you like uninhibited, cranked-to-11, garage rock with attitude, then “Alien Ocean” is just what you need. It’s a jolt of audio adrenaline that will hit you like a quad espresso, only without the caffeine jitters. Crank it up and you’ll understand why The Rashita Joneses are quickly becoming one of Milwaukee’s best exports besides beer.

Their Wide Eyes / Alien Ocean 7” releases July 1 through Tasty Tapes with pre-orders available here. That’s the same day they kick off a month-long Midwestern tour, and additional details can be found on their Facebook page.

The Rashita Joneses are: Jeff Grabo (vocals and guitar), Matt Musil (bass), and Phil Hoge (drums).

Follow the band at: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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