Eight songs occupy The Matinee June 28th edition, which offers a range of music that includes electro-pop, southern rock, art-rock, and even some disco-pop. I’ll keep this as brief as possible so you an enjoy these great new tunes.


ANi GLASS – “Y Ddawns” (Cardiff, Wales)

RIYL: Bats for Lashes, Karen O, Goldfrapp

ANi GLASS - "Y Ddawns"You might be familiar with the name Ani Saunders, who was a former member of Brighton-based pop group The Pipettes and who has established a name for herself in other fields, most notably as a photographer. After a year away, the Welsh artist, who goes by the moniker ANi GLASS, returns with a brand new single. Sung entirely in Welsh, “Y Ddawns” is a bewitching electro-pop tune, as the dark waves of synths and Saunders’ mesmerizing vocals swirl beautifully together to cast an unbreakable spell. Let’s hope it won’t take another year before we hear new music from Saunders.

“Y Ddawns” can be picked up on Bandcamp.

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Blonde Redhead – “Big Song” (Brooklyn, USA)

RIYL: Deerhoof, Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo

Blonde Redhead - "Big Song"

Kazu Makino, Amedeo Pace, and Simone Pace have long been known as one of the most innovative and experimental bands in music. As Blonde Redhead celebrates its 23rd year together (has it really been that long?), they are releasing 37 early recordings of their work, which includes deep, deep singles and demos. One of the songs is “Big Song”, which is far-out, grunge-infused, experimental rock tune. With its lo-fi approach, the oft-kilter guitar riff, and Kazu’s dead pan vocals (she’s singing in Japanese I believe), the track could easily belong on Deerhoof’s new album, The Magic. While this single is somewhere around 20-years old, “Big Song” show how far ahead Blonde Redhead was at that time and even still is.

The 37-song compilation, Masculin Féminin, will be released on September 30th via Numero Group.

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Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster – “Headed South” (Oxford, Mississippi, USA)

RIYL: Josh Ritter, M. Ward, Phosphorescent

Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster - "Headed South"Music is the most powerful form of expression, as it affects all those who can hear the instruments and vocals. Even in its most simplistic forms, it can be inspiring and uplifting, picking you up even in your most depressed south. The new single by Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster of Water Liars exemplifies music’s power. While “Headed South” is a straightforward, folk-rock ballad, it is an absolutely terrific song. From the slight strums of the acoustic and electric guitars, Kinkel-Schuster’s engaging vocals, and the story of a person getting a new lease on life, “Headed South” is beautiful, captivating, and moving, and it showcases Kinkel-Schuster’s potential, which is pointed anywhere but south.

“Headed South” is from Kinkel-Schuster’s forthcoming, debut solo album, Constant Stranger, which arrives September 30th via Big Legal Mess / Fat Possum Records.

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Lawrence Arabia – “Another Century” (Auckland/Christchurch, New Zealand)

RIYL: Diane Coffee, Simply Red, Carl Broemel

Lawrence Arabia - "Another Century"If you are not familiar with Kiwi James Milne, just one mention of his moniker Lawrence Arabia should tell you everything about the Christchurch native. And no, he is not an overdramatic, serious artist. Quite the opposite, he is one of the most creative, humorous, and down-to-earth musicians around. He could be considered New Zealand’s equivalent to Mac DeMarco, for his unassuming and unpretentious musical style and ability to take even the most mundane life event and make it spectacularly entertaining. His new single, “Another Century”, is a groovy, sun-drenched tune that combines ’60s bubble-gum pop with ’70s disco-pop. In other words, this tune is some delicious sugar candy, a guilty pleasure you will want to savior over and over again.

“Another Century” is from Lawrence Arabia’s forthcoming, forth album, Absolute Truth, which drops July 8th via Flying Nun Records, and it can also be pre-ordered on Milne’s Bandcamp page.

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Over Sands – “Memory House” (London, England)

RIYL: Jim James, The Antlers, The Phoenix Foundation

Memory House - "Over Sands"

Last year, London-based duo Over Sands mystified us with The Antlers-esque “New Year”. Yesterday, they announced their second EP, Roman Room, will be shared later this year, and the lead single is the stirring “Memory House”. While The Antlers-vibe remains, there is also the electro-funk of Jim James’ solo project that can be heard, particularly in the deep vocals and the dazzling electronic loops. There isn’t much more to say about this song other than that it is pure solid gold. Hopefully Roman Room, which will be released on August 19th, can live up the heightened expectations.

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Teeth & Tongue – “Dianne” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: Ladyhawke, Wolf Parade, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Teeth & Tongue - "Dianne"In the category of “how did we not know them before” is Melbourne’s hidden gem, Teeth & Tooth, the musical project of Jess Cornelius. She has been compared to PJ Harvey and Kate Bush, although she is heading in a new direction on her forthcoming album, Give Up On Your Health. The lead single is “Dianne”, which is an awesome and highly infectious electro-rock number. The song is like Ladyhawke fronting Wolf Parade, where there is a perfect marriage of buzzy synths and keys and gritty, blistering indie-rock. But just who is Dianne? We’ll have to wait until September to find out when Give Up On Your Health is released on Remote Control Records (worldwide) and Dot Dash / Captured Tracks (North America).

Joining Jess Cornelius as Teeth & Tongue are Marc Regueiro-McKelvie, Damian Sullivan, James Harvey, and Cheyenne Harper.

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Totemo – “Hits” (Tel Aviv, Israel)

RIYL: Lorde, Ofelia K, Doprah

Totemo - "Hits"

In the over-saturated marketplace that is electro-pop, how does an artist differentiate herself from the masses? For Israeli singer-songwriter Rotem Or, the answer was simple – head to the country where her moniker, Totemo, derives from – Japan (although Or was not originally aware of the connection). Meaning “very” in Japanese, Totemo’s latest single, “Hits”, incorporates strings and the Japanese instrument koto and, thus, creates a song that is cinematic and breathtaking while feeling ancient yet contemporary at the same time. The entire formula is ingenious and spectacular. We’ll have to keep an eye on this emerging talent from the Middle East.

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WILDERADO – “Morning Light” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Futurebirds, My Morning Jacket, Alberta Cross, Phosphorescent

WILDERADO - "Morning Light"

Creating a buzz on the West Coast are WILDERADO, the quartet from Los Angeles whose  first single, “Wheat”, has been a hit on Spotify. Their latest single, “Morning Light”, however, is even better. This southern-rocker has everything you want in a great anthem. A great build up led by a driving rhythm section. A building melody that would rival some of the best in the business. And an infectious chorus that will have you chanting “wooooo … woooo… woo… WOO!” well after the song has finished. Stardom is on the horizon for Maxim Rainer, Colton Dearing, Tyler Wimpee, and Justin Kila.

WILDERADO’s new EP, Latigo, is expected July 22 on IAMSOUND Records.

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