If you’re a fan of Melody’s Echo Chamber or Tame Impala, check out Chambre de Robert, the debut EP by Los Angeles-based No Telescopes.

The EP  starts off strongly with “Ok”, where the drawn-out guitar riffs crash up and down, like the waves coming into the shoreline and then moving back out towards the ocean. It feels like a process that is both organic yet intense.

As the album progresses, so does the volume of the guitars. “Girl Frankly” provides a more upbeat rock n’ roll vibe. There’s a playfulness to this song that makes you want to put your hair down and jump around in a crowded basement with your friends at a house party.

The following track, “Laugh Laugh Laugh” begins mysteriously by the vocalist explaining: “I guess I’ll get no sleep tonight.” And as the track continues, so does the mystery. Hazey vocals atop echoing guitars and prismatic riffs gives this track has a subtle sense of secrecy that’s downright intriguing, which is what you could say about No Telescopes.

Hear the full EP on SoundCloud and purchase it on Bandcamp.

No Telescopes are Skyler Garn, Dave Fulmer, Austin Shaw, Chris Robinson, and Nick Brumme.

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