After a few days of focusing on American and English artists, we return to our regularly scheduled programming of featuring new music from around the globe. On The Matinee July 7th edition, we have seven songs by artists in seven different countries. Sevens are wild today!


angelic milk – “Tie Me Up” (St. Petersburg, Russia)

RIYL: Death Valley Girls, ShitKid, The Divinyls

angelic milk - "Tie Me Up"

After being first introduced to angelic milk a year ago with “IDK How”, it was only recently that we learned her real name – Sarah Persephona. With each single, our fandom increases, and the 18-year old’s (I think) new single adds to her wide-ranging, musical arsenal. “Tie Me Up” is an infectious, fun, and dizzying garage rocker. The crystalline guitars spiral uncontrollably overhead while Persephona’s vocals take on a Chrissy Amphlett quality. This song was made for rocking.

Speaking of which, angelic milk’s debut EP, Teenage Movie Soundtrack, with PNKSLM Recordings arrives next week, specifically July 15th.

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Lié – “Failed Visions” (Vancouver, Canada)

RIYL: Savages, NOTS, The Raincoats

Lié - "Failed Visions"

If you remember when Savages first arrived on the scenes in 2012 with their debut EP, I Am Here, you will remember the visceral reactions it caused with the band’s dark, hypnotic, and aggressive rock that bordered on brooding punk rock. That same feeling resides in the music of Vancouver dark-punk band, Lié. Their latest single, “Failed Visions”, is a droning but mesmerizing number that resonates with the understated ferocity of the more famous London band. If the trio of Kati J (drums), Ashlee Luk-(guitar/vocals), and Brittany West (bass/vocals) continue down this path, they will soon be selling out places like the Commodore or the 9:30 Club.

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LOUDS – “Speak” (Philadelphia, USA)

RIYL: Broken Social Scene, The Fratellis, FUN.

LOUDS - "Speak"

A relatively new band on the circuit is Philadelphia collective LOUDS. Their name, though, does not quite accurately reflect the group’s music, as they are not a heavy metal band nor a punk-rock one. Instead, their name likely reflects the volume that people reach when hollering the chorus to one of their songs, like “Speak”. It only takes a single listen to “Speak” to realize this band has a knack for creating uplifting and euphoric indie-pop; music that will put a smile on your face. Comparisons to FUN. will be inevitable, but their oft-kilter melodies are more reminiscent of Broken Social Scene, which also fits since LOUDS consists of Charlie Brooks, Petie Brooks, Alejandro Torres-Giraldo, Juston Stens, Dan Henry, and friends.

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Matthew and Me – “Joy” (Totnes, England)

RIYL: Hilang Child, Axel Flovent, Sigur Rós

Matthew and Me - "Joy"

It has been some time since we have heard from English band Matthew and Me, who a year ago blew us away with “Kitsune”. Their first single in more than a year is “Joy”. There is only one word to describe “Joy” and that is epic. At over seven-and-a-half minutes, the song is a stunning and gorgeous display of post-rock. In actuality, it is a masterpiece – the rare song that we could and should completely lose ourselves in. Now we know why it took so long for Matthew Board and Lucy Fawcett to release new material, but let’s hope the next release will not be as long.

“Joy” will officially be released for sale on July 8th via Beatnik Records.

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Maya Payne – “Breathe Again” (Christchurch, New Zealand)

RIYL: Grimes, BROODS, Banks

Maya Payne - "Breathe Again"

Maya Payne has been compared to a number of artists. Lorde is obviously mentioned since they are both young artists (still in their teens) and were born and still live in New Zealand. Another Kiwi act, BROODS, is another oft-mentioned band since both are electronic-pop oriented. But with her focus on being a voice for young women everywhere, Payne comes closest to another electro-pop star, Grimes. The comparison is validated on her excellent debut EP, The Lucky Ones. From the record is “Breathe Again”, a dark, haunting song about second chances and missed opportunities. What stands out in the track is the control Payne displays. While most artists would allow the electronic effects and samples to be overused and overplayed, and thus be the star of the song, Payne holds them back. This little technique allows her voice, the song’s natural emotion, and the story to come through. She might be only a teenager, but she displays the gifts of a veteran artists.

The Lucky Ones is out now via Rolley Records. Purchase the EP on iTunes, Payne’s Bandcamp site (link below) or listen to it in its entirety on SoundCloud.

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Morning TV – “Turquoise” (Sydney, Australia)


Morning TV - "Turquoise"

When Triple-J plays your music, you know you have almost made it. Such is the case with Sydney newcomers Morning TV, whose debut single “Dive” received national airplay. The follow-up, “Turquoise”, is even better. The song has everything you could want – a lush, shoegaze ambience, a dark even sinister undertone, and a cinematic vibe that makes you feel like you walking next to frontwoman Brit Ward in the late-night heat. Could Morning TV be Australia’s answer to ALVVAYS? So far, yes would the answer.

In addition to Brit Ward (vocals), Morning TV are comprised of Tim Cummings (guitar), Cameron Crew (drums) and Ana Fajardo (bass).

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Yune – “Paranomia” (Aarhus & Copenhagen, Denmark)

RIYL: American Wrestlers, Craft Spells, Phoenix

Yune - "Paranomia"

A new arrival on the scene is Danish quintet Yune. To be honest, not a whole lot is known about them. However, when making music as good as their debut single, “Paranomia”, it does not really matter. “Paranomia” is a combination of the intimate and blissful indie sound of American Wrestlers with the alt-pop of Phoenix’s less-popular material. The result is a song that is breathtaking and stunning and having you saying, “Wow!”, when you first hear it.

Yune are Erlend Benjamin Eggestad, Mads Flethøj Ege, Nikolaj Bugge, Tobias Andreassen, and Tobias Sachse.


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