We are halfway through 2016. Where has the time gone? To celebrate the occasion, the Weekend Showcase 2.26 offers another smorgasbord of new music with the delectable listening treats from 12 countries, including: Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, the United States, and Wales. The playlist includes music from some familiar names, all-time favorites, and new artists ready to make their mark.

The playlist and tracklisting, as usual, follows the list of articles from the past week.

Enjoy the great music and discover music’s hidden gems.




  • Melodic Tonic ’16, vol. 26 – Cereus Bright, Dex Romweber, Hoops, Sara Watkins, STAR
  • The Matinee July 5th – Astronauts., Los Espinas, Meadowlark, Mike Simmons, Opus Orange, SuperGlu, Syd Arthur
  • The Matinee July 6th – Chariots, Fyfe ft. Peter Gregson and Iskra Strong Quartet, GIRL FRIEND, GROVES, Paper Route, TWIN KIDD
  • The Matinee July 7th – angelic milk, Lié, LOUDS, Matthew and Me, Maya Payne, Morning TV, Yune
  • The Matinee July 8th – Barlow, Big Jesus, Michael Nau, Minden, Streets of Laredo, Ryley Walker
  • Saturday Sampler for July 9th – The Academic, The Amazing, EZTV with Jenny Lewis, The Frights, Josh Noren, Madeira, Soviet X-Ray Record Club, Tuval, Twist, The Wrecking Queens



Weekend Showcase 2.26 Tracklisting

  • Morning TV – “Turquoise” (Sydney, Australia)
  • Barlow – “Carriers” (Erie, PA, USA)
  • SuperGlu – “Weekend” (Manningtree, England)
  • Paper Route – “Laugh About It” (Nashville, USA)
  • Dex Romweber – “Trouble of the World” (Carrboro, NC, USA)
  • EZTV with Jenny Lewis – “High Flying Faith” (New York City, USA)
  • Michael Nau – “Love Survive” (Cumberland, MD, USA)
  • Tuval – “By the Sea” (Brighton, England)
  • TWIN KIDD – “Fade” (Nottingham, England)
  • Madeira – “Manipulator” (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Twist – “Can’t Wait” (Toronto, Canada)
  • Sara Watkins – “Young In All The Wrong Ways” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Why We Run – “Hallway” (Sydney, Australia)
  • The Frights – “Afraid of the Dark” (San Diego, USA)
  • GIRL FRIEND – “Hello Stranger” (Manchester, England)
  • Maya Payne – “Breathe Again” (Christchurch, New Zealand)
  • STAR – “Liars in Love” (Chicago, USA)
  • Lié – “Failed Visions” (Vancouver, Canada)
  • Meadowlark – “Quicksand” (Bristol, England)
  • Minden – “Artist Statement” (Portland, USA)
  • Yune – “Paranomia” (Aarhus & Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Syd Arthur – “Sun Rays” (Canterbury, England)
  • Los Espinas – “In The Street” (Sydney, Australia)
  • CHARIOTS – “Love Is The Weapon” (Oxford, England)
  • LOUDS – “Speak” (Philadelphia, USA)
  • GROVES – “Swim” (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Hoops – “Cool 2” (Bloomington, IN, USA)

Supporting labels:  Antigen Records, Beatnik Records, Bloc+Music, Bloodshot Records, Buzz RecordsCaptured Tracks, Carpark Records, Dead OceansDine Alone Records, Fat Possum RecordsFull Time Hobby, Hit City U.S.A., KEMOSABE, Lo RecordingsM:M Music, Mascot Label Group, New West RecordsPartisan Records, PNKSLM Recordings, Rolley Records, and Saint Marie Records.

Weekend Showcase 2.26 (square)

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