Habit, the debut EP from Baltimore’s Snail Mail, is a perfect, late-summer record. Lindsey Jordan, who is 17-years-old, wrote Habit in her suburban Maryland bedroom between shows and school. She teamed up with her friend and drummer Shawn Durham and bassist Ryan Viera to record the six-track EP in DC this past spring. The result is six really amazing indie-pop tracks.

The first track, “Thinning”, rocks! Jordan’s lyrics come from frustration, figuring out life, and the passage of time. The title track “Habit” has some really great drumming. Jordan repeats “It’s not something I can run my hands over” as the track becomes monstrous.

“Static Buzz” has this sway to it. The imagery in the lyrics is amazing, and the music complements it so well, coming to a near halt when Jordan delivers some of the record’s best lines. “Slug” addresses more frustration, as Jordan sings, “Another useless daydream / I saw my own reflection and it was someone else”.

The final track, “Stick”, is just Jordan and her guitar. It is a perfect way to end the EP with Jordan repeating her struggles with insomnia and the song has a late-night, lonely vibe. In addition, the track encapsulates Habit’s purpose – filling in time between moments. You can feel a common theme of frustration and restlessness throughout the EP, of wanting to break free and achieve something.

Even at her young age, Snail Mail’s creative force is able to create a relatable and nostalgic record. It’s so well crafted, from the production to the lyrics to the placement of tracks on the EP. With just six tracks, Jordan has proven herself as a songwriter and guitarist. We should get used to hearing her name because it’s one that we’re going to hear for a long time.

Habit is out now on Sister Polygon Records.

Buy Habit: Bandcamp / Sister Polygon Records (Cassette)

Connect with Snail Mail: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

If you are in the Northeast, Catch Snail Mail on tour:

  • Weds 7/13 Flemington, NJ @ Flemington DIY w/ Long Beard, Pale Angels, Way Das, Rita Fishbone
  • Thurs 7/14 Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn w/ Trace Mountains, Crusher (solo), Amar
  • Sat 7/16 Long Island, NY @ Our Lady of Perpetual Hope w/ No One & The Somebodies, Human People, GobbinJr (solo)
  • Sun 7/17 Providence, RI @ Space Cloud
  • Mon 7/18 Boston, MA @ TBA w/ Phantom Rides
  • Tues 7/19 Northampton, MA @ 13 Queen
  • Sat 7/23 @ TBA (Baltimore) w/ Long Beard
  • Weds 7/27 @ Windup Space (Baltimore) w/ Frankie Cosmos, Warehouse
  • Fri 8/5 @ Bathtub Republic (DC) w/ TBA
  • Thurs 8/11 @ The Snack Bar (Bethesda) w/ Solids, Bleary Eyed, Julian


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