Early in 2015, a little-known act called Haux quietly made waves on the indie scene. More accurately, Woodson Black, the man behind Haux, re-emerged as a new entity, moving away from the indie-folk of his debut EP, The Bluest Sage, to a glacial dream-folk/dream-pop sound. Although there are similarities to Bon Iver, Haux has transformed the genre on his beautiful and breathtaking sophomore EP, All We’ve Known.

Whereas many within the dream-folk realm seek to create majestic music that reaches dazzling heights, Black has taken the opposite approach. It is in the sanctity of the rural landscapes and spectacular coastlines of England where Black has found inspiration. These are the places where the subtle and quiet moments are the most awe-inspiring. The first two songs on the EP, “Homegrown” and “Seaside” exemplify Black’s approach. No note is exaggerated and there aren’t any elongated guitar solos or blazing electronics. Instead, every note, vocal, texture, and layer is delicate and implemented with the precision of a a great composer. The result is the creation of spectacular, ethereal soundscape that feels like a dream.

“Caves” offers more of the stunning sounds heard on the other two songs. Black, however, offers a more introspective approach, where the cave is within our hearts and souls. “The War” takes a more soulful approach to this song about the deterioration of a relationship. While the subject matter is difficult, Black makes the experience blissful. The finale, though, might be Black’s most personal song, and his voice is vulnerable while the music is simple and even stripped back. It is a departure from the rest of the EP, but in this one song Black has found his own sanctity. The rest of it, he has given us our own place to escape, forget, or grieve.

All We’ve Known is out now via Akira Records. Listen to the EP in its entirety on SoundCloud or pick up a copy on iTunes.

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Haux - "All We've Known"

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