The Well Rested

We do not generally share much new music on Sundays other than the Weekend Showcase, but today we have a special treat and a song perfect for the day.

Introducing alternative-pop quart The Well Rested from London, England. The band actually originally was created in 2011 as the project of singer-songwriter Oliver Ninnis while he was attending at Edinburgh University. It was not until the past year after Ninnis returned to London that the project moved from the hobby stage to being a career.

Now comprised of Ninnis (lead vocals/guitar), Andrew Ford (keys/vocals), Matt Edwards (bass), and Ryan Johnson (drums), The Well Rested released their self-titled, debut EP in January. The timing was a bit odd because The Well Rested is filled with cool, summery vibes. But then again, the quartet is anything but ordinary.

Take the EP’s splendid lead single, “Towers”. Combining the smooth and lush sounds of Real Estate mixed in with a touch of the jangle-pop of Mac DeMarco, the song is summer personified. It is a laid-back, shimmering number that simultaneously relaxes every inch of your body and leaves a smile on your face. Listen closely to the lyrics. The story is a clever take on the classic love story. It interweaves a bit of fairy tale, as Ninnis sings, “I’ll be screaming from the highest tower”. Yet there are elements of the modern approach to love, “Put me back on the bottom shelf where I’ll learn to help myself. But I think I’ll be here for quite a while”.

Today, not only do you get to hear the song but the video for the song is out today, for which we are immensely privileged to premiere it today. The song is straightforward yet perfectly defines the song and the band. Taped one morning in London’s Soho district, Ninnis and Andrew Ford climbed atop an abandoned homeless shelter. There, Ford mixes the track on a tape recorder whilst Ninnis provides the vocals. The two were accompanied by Matt Ritson (of fellow London indie-rock band Formation), who shot the video. Although the scene is one of rooftops, antennae, and the London Eye in the background, the video makes you envision that Ninnis is indeed on top of a tower screaming out his love to the one that has slipped away.

Watch the video below. The audio version is also included.

Hear the entire The Well Rested EP on SoundCloud or pick up a copy on Bandcamp. The EP is well worth a listen. By the way, today is Oliver Ninnis’ birthday. What a better to send him a gift than to pick up the EP.

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