The Matinee July 20th includes six new tracks for your listening pleasure. We have a mix of captivating indie rock, mesmerizing electropop, unique industrial rocktronica and feel good dreamy pop. Countries represented today include the US and UK.

Inspired & The Sleep – “Sweet Company” (San Diego, USA)

RIYL: Grandchildren, JRJR, Royal Canoe


We have new material from Inspired & The Sleep. Last year they released Eyelid Kid a collection of darker dream-pop songs. Now the band is moving towards the light with new material embracing electronic explorations over an indie rock backbone.

With “Sweet Company” we have the most upbeat and feel good vibes the duo of Max Greenhalgh & Bryce Outcault have yet produced. With their lighter sonic fare traveling into dream-pop goodness they would be a perfect touring mate for another awesome duo, JR JR.

The band shares a bit about their newest track:  “Sweet Company is our jubilant ode to the feeling of belonging in relation to one’s memory. To me, the song represents the action of appreciating the good times you’ve spent in any sort of relationship regardless of when they occurred or how it might’ve ended. The verses depict a particular individual I was dating at the time, however the chorus speaks in generality of anyone from your past you’ve been close to. I see so many people cutting ties to past relationships and I feel like if that energy was spent being grateful for what they used to have, the world would be a better place

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Jazz Morley – “Take Me Down” (Bournemouth, England)

RIYL: BANKS, Daya, Jessie Ware


Jazz Morley has recently come onto the scene within the last year with the release of singles “Set Her Free” and  “Bad Love”. We now have “Take Me Down” and it’s a fine electro pop tune that showcases her soulful yet sultry vocals.

The production on “Take Me Down” has perfectly placed beats and her emotive lyrics include stories of loss, pain and expectation in relationships.

Jazz Morley currently has what it takes gain a wide range of fans. She has a proven formula for success which equals meaningful lyrics set against just the right amount of beats and of course her beautifully poignant vocals.

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Jane In Space – “Feel It Alive” (New York City, USA)

RIYL: Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Texas Microphone Massacre


Jane In Space are from New York and they are creating an interesting hybrid mix of rock and electronica similar to another artist we have reviewed previously, Texas Microphone Massacre.

On “Feel It Alive”, Jane In Space are combining industrial electronica elements with hard hitting indie rock. The track reminds us of the unique formula that Nine Inch Nails accomplished with their blend of hard rock and electronica. We look forward to hearing more with their upcoming album.

Jane In Space are Tom Vickers – Vocals; Josh Stillman – Bass; Jesse Jensen – Electronics, Guitar, Keys

“Feel It Alive” is from their forthcoming self-titled debut album which will be released August 19, 2016 via Aion Records.

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PAPA – “Comfort’s A Killer” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: Generationals, Geographer, Oberhofer


LA based PAPA is probably one of the more under rated indie rock bands out there today. They are not only producing memorable indie rock with unique uses of percussion thanks to singer/drummer Darren Weiss, but they have what it takes to really reach a wide range of fans, especially with their memorable live shows.

“Comfort’s A Killer” is feel good and energetic indie rock  track that forces you to move.  With PAPA’s signature use of tambourines, keys and a jam/drum blocks we have another awesome track to listen to and wonder why PAPA are not mainstream by now.

PAPA is comprised of Darren Weiss and Danny Presant. “Comfort’s A Killer” is from their forthcoming album titled Kick At The Dust which will be released September 16th.

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Prints Jackson – “Sail On Phaelon” (Ogmore By Sea, Wales)

RIYL: At The Drive-In, Lo-Fi, Prints Jackson


Prints Jackson is creating one song per month until the day he dies. “Sail On Phaelon” is song number 30 of his song per month project which will officially be released August 8. Prints Jackson is UK artist Kristian C Williams.

With “Sail On Phaelon” he collaborates with Jim Ward (At The Drive-In) and Gabe Gonzalez (Sleepercar). The result is a stellar indie rock track which has amazing guitar riffs courtesy of Ward along with an anthemic rock chorus that screams “We’ll All Sail On..Onto Phaelon” along with the ample amount of Oh’s and Yeahs. The track becomes instantly addictive and is easily one you can play on repeat. The song seems to be a nod to the 1986 movie Flight of the Navigator.

We are excited to hear more new tracks from Prints Jackson with his song a month project. With each track he has released we have heard a different style/genre so Jackson’s style is hard to describe.  We suspect there might me many more awesome collaborations to come.

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Stalgia – “In The Trees” (Los Angeles, USA)

RIYL: The Weeknd


“In The Trees” is electronic duo Stalgia’s debut track. “In The Tress” showcases thematic aesthetics, steeped in dark, indie-driven pop, coated with indulgent, sentimental vocals and a shiny synth veneer.

Stalgia are childhood friends Lauren Day and Brandon Leslie. Together they are creating memorable electro pop goodness.

“In The Trees” combines r&b elements with trap induced beats that will entrance. With Lauren Day’s distinct and sultry vocals the result has unique production elements akin to The Weeknd.

The duo have shared this about the track: “There’s only one way to find out what’s lurking in the trees…climb.” – Stalgia

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