We’re back to our regularly scheduled programming – well, sort of. With so many festivals to cover, we are falling behind on things. So to make up for lost time, The Matinee features 9 songs today. I apologize to the artists for not providing more lengthy descriptions and details, but we’re still trying to catch up on everything. Anyway, enjoy these great new songs on The Matinee July 26th edition. Oh, the list is grouped in threes (can you spot the combinations?).


Woodes – “The Thaw” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: La Roux, Emma Louise, BANKS

Woodes - "The Thaw"

There is a buzz reverberating around Elle Graham’s project as Woodes. The young singer-songwriter, and producer from Melbourne has released a new single, “The Thaw”, which can be described in two simple words – sultry and dazzling. With the assistance of fellow Aussie producer LANKS, Woodes has crafted a song that perfectly balances the dark, atmospheric qualities of BANKS with the lush and infectious melodies of La Roux. Australia has a new rising star, who is on her way to becoming a supernova.

Woodes’ debut EP is expected later this year.

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Torrejón – “The Art Of Emptiness” (Austin, USA)

RIYL: Avi Buffalo, Andy Shauf, Woods

Torrejón - "The Art Of Emptiness"

After spending the post weekend at Newport Folk Festival, it is time to start thinking who could potentially be a band that could perform at the iconic event. One group who could grace the Harbor or Quad Stage is Austin-based band Torrejón, who recently released their debut EP, The Art Of Emptiness. The ’70s-esque folk-rocker brings to mind the Laurel Canyon era – a warm, smooth, and intimate tune that immediately grabs hold of you. It is a stunning track by a little band going places.

Torrejón is the project of Charlie and Jamie Roadman. The Art of Emptiness can be heard in its entirety on SoundCloud.

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Slothrust – “Horseshoe Crab” (Brooklyn via Boston, USA)

RIYL: Speedy Ortiz, Swearin’, Waxahatchee

Slothrust - "Snowshoe Crab"

One of our favorite bands is Brooklyn-based Slothrust, who have blown our minds with their gritty alt-rock while had us in awe with their slower and more intimate numbers. Their latest single, “Horseshoe Crab”, falls in the latter category. This song might be Slothrust’s finest hour – the pinnacle of Leah Wellbaum’s songwriting to date, which is saying something else as her previous songs have rivaled the likes of Sadie Dupuis, Katie Crutchfield, and Allison Crutchfield. With this introspective and emotional song, she has written a remarkable song that will crush every bone in your body. And for anyone who has questioned their own existence, she has written an anthem to inform us that we are not along.

“Horseshoe Crab” is from Slothrust’s forthcoming, new album, Everyone Else, which arrives October 28th on Dangerbird Records.

Slothrust are vocalist and guitarist Leah Wellbaum, bassist, Kyle Bann, and drummer Will Gorin.

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Annabel Allum – “Tricks” (South East, England)

RIYL: PJ Harvey, Nick Cave

Annabel Allum - "Tricks"Awesome! That was the first two word out of my mount after hearing Annabel Allum‘s new single, “Tricks”. The song echoes the brilliance and power of another English singer-songwriter, PJ Harvey. It is a gritty, crushing rocker that will stick in your heads for days. Awesome. Awesome. There is just not another way to describe this song by a woman whose potential has no ceiling.

“Tricks” was released July 15th on Killing Moon Records. Get it on iTunes.

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Earth Heart – “Homesick” (Allston, MA, USA)

RIYL: Diet Cig, Hailey Wojcik, Colleen Green

Earth Heart

There must be something in the water in Boston area, as there is a surge in awesome garage-rock / indie-rock bands. Take for example Earth Heart, whose new single “Homesick” is stupendously brilliant. The blistering guitar work, the thrashing drumming, and the pulsating bass line are frenetic, yet together this chaos is infectious and fun. But what separates Earth Heart from the other garage-rock bands is the band’s clever, tongue-in-cheek songwriting, which is akin to Diet Cig and Hailey Wojcik. If the band continues down this path, big, big things will be on the horizon.

Earth Heart are Katie Coriander (guitar/vocals), Matt Axten (drums), and Natan Keyes (bass).

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fiancé – “h.a.g.s” (Newark, DE, USA)

RIYL: Beach Fossils, DIIV, Soft Cell, Toad the Wet Sprocket

fiancé - "h.a.g.s"

As a person who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, I hold a soft spot for artists who take me back to my childhood. One such band is fiancé, the five-piece from Newark, Delaware. Their single, “h.a.g.s.”, is 80s, synth-pop personified. Warm and breezy like a summer evening, the song belongs on a John Hughes movie. So sit back, relax, and remember those innocent days when you thought everything was possible.

fiancé are Andrew Fusca (vocals/guitar/synth), Brian Bruce (drums), Jeff Marvel (guitar), Tyler Yoder (bass), and Sam Nobles (synth/guitar).

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Prinze George – “Wait Up” (Brooklyn, USA)

RIYL: Meadowlark, Electric Youth, Yumi Zouma

Prinze George - "Wait Up"

A year ago, Prinze George was one of our hidden gems. This label, though, is slowly evaporating, as the band’s popularity is slowly increasing. Their debut album, Illiterate Synth Pop, which drops August 5th, however, could be the breakthrough that we have long anticipated for the band. The second single from the LP is the breathtaking and beautiful “Wait Up”. The song exhibits why we think the trio’s potential is enormous – a sound that verges on the cinematic yet retains its intimacy and songwriting that is thoughtful and embracing.

Prinze George are Naomi Almquist, Kenny Grimm, and Isabelle De Leon.

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Magic Trick – “More” (San Francisco, USA)

RIYL: The Fresh & Onlys, The Cave Singers, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Black Mountain

Magic Trick - "More"

Blurring the lines between fiction and real life is a skill expertly mastered by only a few. Music that enchants and mesmerizes us by taking us to places that seem to only exist in storybooks and myth. The story, though, is about the world we live in, where the few live off the weak and greed and oppression are rife. This is the enchanting majesty of San Francisco collective Magic Trick‘s new song “More”. This brilliant song combines multiple genres into one – indie-rock, 70s folk-rock, and cinematic indie. Given the conceptual creativity of this song, the band’s forthcoming new album, Other Man’s Blues (Empty Cellar Records), could be one of the best concept albums of the year.

Magic Trick are Tim Cohen, James Kim, Alicia Vanden Heuvel, and Noelle Cahill.

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Haley Bonar – “Stupid Face” (Saint Paul, MN, USA via Brandon, MAN, Canada)

RIYL: The Jezebels, The Preatures, FMLYBND

Haley Bonar - "Stupid Face"

It took nearly a decade for Canadian-born, Minnesota-based Haley Bonar to be recognized as one of music’s best singer-songwriters. Unfortunately, her career commenced before the indie music took off via the internet, and it wasn’t until 2014 when her LP Last War gained her the attention she deserved. Her sharp, witty songwriting is akin to Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen, but sonically she takes a more assertive and anthemic indie-rock approach. Her new single is the splendid “Stupid Face”, a rocker in The Jezebels’ mould but lyrically it retains the sharp edge of her previous songs. The song is just awesome. Hopefully we will see her on festival lineups in 2017, including Newport Folk Festival.

Haley Bonar’s new full length, Impossible Dream, is due in August via GNDWIRE Records.

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