The Matinee July 27th has six new tracks to get you moving through the rest of the week. The playlist contains a mix of indie rock, electro pop, synth pop and shoegaze. We have the US, Australia and Ireland represented today. We hope you find your new favorite song or band.

Be Calm Honcho – “Kid Go Hard” (San Francisco, USA)

RIYL: Pearl and The Beard, MISUN, Sumeau

Be Calm Honcho - "Kid Go Hard"We have been fans of San Francisco trio Be Calm Honcho since 2014 when they released their excellent debut album, Honcho Dreams. We identified them as one of our favorite Hidden Gems of that year and named them to our wishful-thinking RevueFest. Their first single since that time is “Kid Go Hard”.

“Kid Go Hard” is the first single released since Honcho Dreams. We are delighted by this surprise track that is on an OIM Records‘ special compilation titled OIM: Vol. II Compilation.

We are hoping this newest single release means new music for the talented trio. “Kid Go Hard” mesmerizes with Harney’s enchanting vocals set against perfectly placed guitar riffs, airy synth and subtle percussion. Lyrically we have a song possibly written to an ex friend or ex lover. A letter where you want to let them know how they hurt you, but you are not sure if you should sent it.

Be Calm Honcho are Shannon Harney (vocals), Alex Weston (bass/guitar/keys), and Michael Pettett (drums).

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Equal – “Postcards (feat. Sam Island)” (New York via Asheville, NC, USA)

RIYL: Milky Chance, Half Moon Run, YANIS

Equal - "Postcards (feat. Sam Island)"

Equal is originally from North Carolina and started out as a drummer who transitioned to DJ’ing all around NYC. He is now moving from DJ to producer and “Postcards” is his third release which include collaborations with stellar vocalists.

“Postcards” features singer Sam Island who is actually a childhood friend of Equal. Together they have comprised the best of both words with a folk-acoustic-house explosion of sorts. With “Postcards” we have Mr. Islands’ soothing vocals set against simple acoustics woven in with Equal’s dreamy house production.

Lyrically the track is an open letter to a former lover who has already moved on. Equal will continue to release exciting collaborations featuring indie music’s elite as the year continues. We look forward to more from Equal later this year.

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Kid Runner – “Give Me Something To Love” (Columbus, OH, USA)

RIYL: Captian Kidd, CRUISR, Max and the Moon

Kid Runner - "Give Me Something To Love"

Kid Runner formed in 2012 and they keep on releasing upbeat shimmery synthpop. “Give Me Something To Love” is one of their latest singles to get you moving.

The track is infectious indie synth-pop that you won’t soon forget. We are almost through the summer so this track can immediately be added to this weekend’s playlist. Lyrically the song reminds us all to attempt to be our best with a strong plea (almost scream) to “Give Me Something To Love!” The track has a solid base of indie rock goodness blended nicely with airy and uplifting synth vibes.

Kid Runner are Drew Lizon, Fran Litterski, Kurt Keaner, Scott Griffin, and Bobby Heigel.

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Rocstrong – “SOWYG” (Dublin, Ireland)

RIYL: Barns Courtney, The Hives, Kaleo

Rocstrong - "SOWYG"Rocstrong is hard to pigeonhole – he is so many different genres rolled into one. You have straight up rock infused with soul, r&b (even a bit of reggae and rap) and a dose of just straight up attitude.

Rocstrong’s vocals are inviting and he adds in an addictive chorus that shouts “Show off whatcha got”. After listening to “SOWYG”, you can’t help but move. To top it off, he just released a super cool video to go along with the track. Rocstrong has an infectious quality about his persona and production. After listening you feel an excitement and magnetism that you can’t quite describe.

Rocstrong shares a bit about SOWYG: “I wanted to create a song that has the ability to make an elderly lady walking down a street in slow motion with black Ray Bans and look ‘badass’ and truly, I feel I have done that with this one”.

SOWYG (Show Off What You Got)” is the lead single from Rocstrong’s debut EP, SOWYG, which is out Friday, July 29th. We look forward to hearing more from the talented Rocstrong as he does have the potential to reach a wide range of fans that are ready for new, different and unique sounds.

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The Strike – “Eye for an Eye” (Provo, UT, USA)

RIYL: If Justin Timberlake did a funk filled 80s album

The Strike - "Eye for an Eye"The Strike are a funk-pop outfit from Provo, UT and they have just released “Eye for an Eye” which is off of their upcoming EP Faint Of Heart.

“Eye for an Eye” is another track to add to your upbeat/dance or warm weather playlist. With vocals reminiscent of Justin Timberlake, you can’t help but instantly be put in a better mood after first listen. The lyrical content isn’t as upbeat as it speaks to those tumultuous relationships where you love hard and fight hard. They also have a pretty cool video to go along with the track. Keep an eye out for more as their EP will be released later this year.

The Strike is comprised of Chris Crabb: Lead Vocals,  Brady Bills: Guitar, Chase Baker: Bass Matt Millington: Drums, Myles Lawrence: Sax, Marcus Anderson: Trombone & Keyboard.

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Wild Meadows – “Rebel” (Melbourne, Australia)

RIYL: The Belafontes, Bloodhounds on My Trail, COVES

Wild Meadows - "Rebel"

There are many people and blogs out there that dedicate their time to finding awesome shoegaze tracks/band and occasionally we happen upon an amazing track we have to share.

“Rebel” is one of those tracks. Wild Meadows are from Australia and we are excited to share their music. “Rebel” is from Wild Meadows’ 3 track EP Colours which was released back in April.

“Rebel” immediately calms your mood and contains the perfect amount of reverb and includes that perfect shoegazey goodness that will reach a wide range of music fans.  Ms. Lawrence’s vocals reel you in and entrance throughout the track. We hope to hear more from this talented quintet.

Wild Meadows are Jessica Aliese Lawrence, and James Ross, Donovan Pill, Chris Rodgers, and Simon Gemmill.

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