We have all heard the saying that for us to rise we must first fall. For many of us, we have experienced this first hand, reaching rock bottom before finding our feet and rising again. It’s never an easy situation, especially after one has had her heart ripped out of her soul and crushed right in front of her. Heartbreak and failure, though, can also be great motivators. They can fuel our fire to prove others wrong, to let the cheat know that he will not control us, and to show everyone, particularly ourselves, that we will persevere.

For New York-based singer-songwriter Verona, she found solace in two things – her music and the movie Almost Famous. The latter may seem surprising, but the Cameron Crowe film gave her clarity about her own ambitions, fantasies, and future. The character Penny Lane, in particular, was her inspiration for writing “Pennylane”, which we are pleased to premiere today.

Musically, the song is like an engrossing drama, blending the sounds and styles of Sarah Brightman, Lykke Li, and Lana Del Rey. The beautiful hum of the string section sets the dark and eerie mood. Verona’s voice, meanwhile, is gentle and serene, yet there is a slight quiver in the words she speak. It offers a sense of confusion and vulnerability. A feeling that despite finding the courage, there is still a wavering lack of confidence. This is what makes “Pennylane” a stunning song. Not the beautiful symphony or the soothing harmonies, but how Verona has captured reality.

The artists describes the song as follows:

After an untimely blow from the relationship department and a viewing of the movie Almost Famous, I felt particularly independent and wrote this song “Pennylane”. It’s meant to be a reminder that the charms of a rose-tinted situation will always become clear by the light of the day. Not to be fooled by a cunning smile and kick your priorities to the curb. The excitement that I once thought it might be to be a ’60s groupie faded; paralleling my own experience of a bleak reality being an object to serve. It was in this moment I reached my breaking point. Despite my best efforts, I will falter from time to time, but tonight I won’t give in to my mortal vices. I will be my own muse and not succumb to others egos.”

Hear the song below and follow Verona at: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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