Heyrocco emblemTen days ago, Heyrocco shared the first of a six-part series of live videos, commencing with the rocker “Yeah”. Today they are sharing the second of the videos as part of a two-month special – The Heyrocco Live Sessions, which we have the pleasure of exclusively featuring.

The next song is the whimsical “It’s Always Something New”. The track borders between the trio’s early youthful days as a band, as they reminisce about a fast relationship. Yet there is a maturity in the lyrics, as the band accepts responsibility for “being a doofus”. Honestly, how many sounds have you heard where the band admits to being an idiot and a stupid person? Maybe Blink-182, and the song shares a lot of similarities with the ’90s punk-pop / alt-rock band.

As frontman Nathan Merlie explains about the song:

“Boy you need to listen” and “it’s always something new” are two things I’ve heard from Alex Collier from day one. I always wanted to make a song of the latter and before long it snuck it’s way in there. I like to think the best songs are influenced by something someone else did or said to you. It takes two. That’s why you should always be listening. As for the rest of the number, the verse came about while driving one sunny afternoon. I don’t recall having any music yet I just kinda bopped along to the rhythmic patterns like a Slick Rick hopin’ I could make it work. Once we went in with Benson to record, things moved around. The guitar takes are mostly improvised as well as the drums and bass. Jenna from Daddy Issues brought by her lovely voice. We keep it totally open in the studio and you should never limit yourself to “what you can play live.” Who cares? Most of the music I listen to won’t ever be recreated again. Waiting On Cool is only the beginning of us figuring out how to show off our chops on record.


Merli’s last statement perfectly explains why watching the band perform these songs in the tight confines of the Royal American bar in Charleston a treat. The videos showcase how this “house party band” has grown up. They still enjoy having a good time, yet their musicianship and songwriting have immensely improved. They have come a long way from their “Disney Grunge”, although they still retain the same wit and nonchalant attitude as before. The combination makes them one of the more exciting bands in indie rock at this time.

Waiting For Cool can be purchased at the Dine Alone online store, iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic. Heyrocco are Nathan Merli (vocals/guitar), Christopher Cool (bass), and Tanner Cooper (drums).

Heyrocco are currently on tour, and dates can be found on their website. Follow Heyrocco at: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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