norehearsal1With today’s wide reaching musical landscape available to every music fan, it is often hard for many bands to make enough of an impression to break out from the massive sea of current competition.

Usually there needs to be a certain quality or formula that you can’t quite place – or you can’t quite describe that instantly captures the attention of the listener. Houston born no rehearsal has that quality.

Today, we are pleased to premiere a brand new track from the rock trio who are now based in Boston. The band’s focus is to break the preconceived notion that “young people” can’t keep up or have music of both technical and emotional value. no rehearsal’s sound seamlessly melds together guitar-heavy pop sensibilities of John Mayer, the melodic intricacies and atmospheric tones of The Neighbourhood, the raw and gritty blues packaged for mainstream media shown in The Black Keys, and the band dynamic and ability to just make solid pop music seen in The 1975.

“Back To Fall” has something for everyone as the band blends together melodic indie rock with subtle pop sensibilities to reach a wide range of fans. Their formula is calculated yet emotive. We hear blues influenced guitar rock shining through along with memorable chorus hooks you won’t soon forget.

“Back to Fall” is part of their forthcoming EP release.

no rehearsal are Matthew Cobb (Lead Guitar/Vocals), David Shorey (Drums), and Christian Mireles (Bass). Follow the band at:

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